Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 Myths !!

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I'm back with serious issue this time and hope it helps every reader. This time I'll be sharing myths (A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, as by explaining aspects of the natural world or delineating the psychology, customs, or ideals of society) related to heart problemsHeart is like CPU for our computer, that is we live till our heart is safe. And there are many myths related to heart problems in our society.
heart attack problem

In this article I'll be sharing the top 10 myths related to heart problems and try to give genuine reasoning or actual fact related to it.

Myths & Facts:
  1. Myth: I'm physically fit I can't get heart Attack !
      Fact: Definitely being fit is an advantage and it does reduces the risk of getting suffered from heart heart, but that is not the necessary condition for not getting a heart attack. Some factors which can cause a physically fit person heart attack are tobacco abuse, high cholesterol, hypertension (High BP, in common terms) & genetics.
  2. Myth: Recognizing symptoms of heart attack is easier !
      Fact: The symptoms of heart attack are not easy to identify for a normal/ordinary human. Please don't take symptoms like unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, cold sweat, pain in arms, fluttering heart, heaviness, cold sweat & unusual fatigue.
  3. heart attack chest pain
  4. Myth: No Chest => No heart Heart attack
      Fact: The pain in case of heart attack isn't localized. In fact in case of diabetics you might experience any pain. The pain is not defined properly, it can be heaviness or tightness or feeling pressure in some situations.
  5. heart attack problem
  6. Myth: Let me wait for chest pain to go.
      Fact: This approach is followed by many and is also known as "wait and watch" approach in computer science language. and this can be dreadful in some situations. So, if you are feeling from it for few hours then you need medical attention.
  7. Myth: I'm Young and that is why I'll not have any heart problems.
      Fact: It was true in early age, that is ancient time but this doesn't hold in current situation. The main reason for this to be a myth are junk food, no or less physical & mental exercise, high stress level, work pressure, increase in level of alcohol intake, smoking.
  8. stress cause heart attack
  9. Myth: Intake of Aspirin daily can help me in reducing heart attack effect
      Fact: Taking aspirin at time of active heart heart is advised but many take aspirin daily because of this myth. It shouldn't be taken daily unless your doctor advised you to do it.
  10. Myth: Heart attack => Life halts
      Fact: Not True ! There are many patients who live normal live after heart attack. Just practive good life style and be healthy (healthy is different from physically fit !)
  11. Myth: Effect Heart attack is same on Men and Women
      Fact: If the intensity of heart attack is same then men are at higher risk when compared to women in normal situations. Also, men are at higher risk of fatal heart diseases. Also, there is a myth that women doesn't suffer from heart attack. On lighter side there is a famous joke which says, Men are more prone to get a heart attack as women are more prone to give them by breaking men heart!.
  12. Myth: If I'm controlling my sugar level then I needn't worry about diabetes for heart related problems
      Fact: Diabetes causes inflammation and that can effect/damage blood vessels and that implies high possibility of heart related disease or problem.
  13. Myth: I went through heart surgery (Angioplasty), Now I'll not suffer from any heart problem
      Fact: If you are careless with your body and do not have good diet and healthy lifestyle it is bound that you might suffer from heart problem again !
Please understand that our body is a temple and we should worship it ! And by worshiping I mean take care of it. Hope from now onwards you will follow a healthy lifestyle (avoiding alcohol, smoking, junk food, etc.. ) to be healthy.

Hope you liked the way I presented the article related to heart problem myths and facts.. I'll be back with some more interesting stuffs like this one soon, till them keep surfing Everything Under the Sun and have fun ;)