Saturday, December 24, 2011

India v/s Australia : Clash of Titans !!

Hey Everyone,
Today I'll be writing about Cricket (a game which is considered as religion in India whose god is treated to be Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, a professional game in Australia) tournament which is going to be started with Boxing day test from 26th Dec, 2011 ! You will see the best of the best playing against each other to win tournament.

Actually, tournament started on a high note with Rahul Dravid from India gave Sir Don Bradman oration (first man on earth who is not an Australian), focusing on importance of test matches and the glory of test matches !

Now, back to action, almost all the cricket fans are awaiting for Star Batsmen Sachin Tendulkar from India to score 100th Century in international cricket, and become first batsmen in history achieve this feat, at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia).
Sachin tendulkar test match cricket 100th test ton/century

Currently India is positioned at No.2 (siped from No.1 after losing to England in India v/s England Series) in Test ranking & Australia at No.4, and that means you expect something interesting to happen.

Summary of Series:
How many Test Matches will India & Australia play in ongoing series ?
How many T20 Matches will India & Australia play in ongoing series ?
What is next ?
A tri-nation ODI (one day international) series, which includes India, Australia & Sri Lanka.
What kind of matches will India & Australia play ?
All test matches are day matches (as most of cricket fans know).
All T20 & ODI are day-night matches.

As Test series will start from 26th Dec, 2011 I'll be sharing the schedule for India v/s Australia test series and T20 matches in tabular format & as tournament goes on I'll be sharing the schedule for ODI series, which involve 3 nations (India, Australia, Sri Lanka).

India v/s Australia 2011 Test Series Schedule
Start DateEnd DatePlaceGame start time (GMT)Game Type
26th Dec, 201130th Dec, 2011MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)23:30Test
3rd Jan, 20127th Jan, 2012SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground)23:30Test
13th Jan, 201217th Jan, 2012Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth02:30Test
24th Jan, 201228th Jan, 2012Adelaide Oval 00:00Test
1st Feb, 20121st Feb, 2012Stadium Australia, Sydney 08:35T20
3rd Feb, 20123rd Feb, 2012MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)08:35T20

More Cricket facts:
  • India has never won a test series in Australia in 9 previous tournament in past 64 years !
  • The odds of Sachin Tendulkar scoring 100th  international century at Boxing day test is 9/4 as per many bookies. And that is a huge odd !
Now, Let's see the line-up of the teams and try to compare them from following table,

Australia v/s India (First 7 Batsmen head-to-head)
Ed Cowan- (debut)92 - 7980 - 52.2Virender Sehwag
David Warner2 - 153 - 76.544 - 3531 - 47.7Gautam Gambhir
Shaun Marsh3 - 284 - 56.8160 - 13094 - 53.2Rahul Dravid
Ricky Ponting158 - 12656 - 52.3184 - 15183 - 56.0Sachin Tendulkar
Michael Clarke76 - 5283 - 46.3130- 8626 - 47.1VVS Laxman
Michael Hussey66 - 5196 - 50.44 - 191 - 27.3Virat Kohli
Brad Haddin39 - 2171 - 36.264 - 3407 - 38.3MS Dhoni
Australia v/s India (4 Bowlers head-to-head)
Nathan Lyon7 - 22 - 24.63 - 22 - 22.9R Ashwin
Peter Siddle27 - 91 - 31.779 - 273 - 31.8Zaheer Khan
Ben Hilfenhaus17 - 55 - 34.741 - 128 - 35.8Ishant Sharma
James Pattinson2 - 14 - 14.02 - 9 - 21.2Umesh Yadav

Note: I've created comparison table assuming these players will be in playing 11 in test match from both the sides. Also, I've kept background color to signify the color of respective country. :)

Awaiting Milestones:
  • Sachin Tendulkar scoring 100th international century.
  • India winning test series in Australia for first time in history of 64 years.
So, Are you ready for clash of titans ?

Many critics predicted India winning the series with scoreline of 2-1.
Do you agree with critics ?
If no, the who do you think will win the series ? And can you guess the scoreline of the series ?

Waiting for the prediction in comments from all of you..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Funny T-Shirt Quotes - Part 2 !

Hey everyone,
I'm back with another fun article which will definitely make you laugh, and for serious dude, I'm sure this article will bring smile on there face. This article also shows the creativity of the T-shirt designers. This article is not for any special group, it is for all the humans who are feeling bored or want to have some fun. ;)

Remember part-1, which I posted almost a year back @ Funny T-Shirt Quotes ?
I'm back with similar but newer rib-tickling (funny) & sexy T-shirt quotes which reflect the life of student, engineers, girls, boys, etc or atleast the way they think in some or the other way.. :D

funny t-shirt quotes mathematics
funny t-shirt quotes i'm lost
funny t-shirt quotes marriage
funny t-shirt quotes
funny t-shirt quotes girlfriend
funny t-shirt quotes girls

Liked them ? Want to see more Funny T-Shirt Quotes ? :D
If you answer yes, then continue scrolling down. And if your answer was no, then read other articles @ Everything Under the Sun which interest you and come back when you want some smile on your face, specifically for students who hate exams ;)

funny t-shirt quotes mechanical engineer
funny t-shirt quotes 15 minutes
funny t-shirt quotes counter
funny t-shirt quotes study
funny t-shirt quotes underestimate
funny t-shirt quotes warning
funny t-shirt quotes what is the difference

What do you think of them ? Liked them again ? I guess now you can buy a T-shirt which has quotes which are printed on them ;). And if you think they aren't the quotes which you were looking for then scroll down to see more Funny T-Shirt Quotes :D

funny t-shirt quotes ABCDEFG
funny t-shirt quotes beautiful women
funny t-shirt quotes alternative
funny t-shirt quotes education
funny t-shirt quotes beer
funny t-shirt quotes fart

Hope this article made you smile and inspired you to buy a T-shirt with funny quotes like the quotes I shared here. So, when you for shopping make sure you buy a T-shirt with one of the funny quotes mentioned above.
We will be sharing more stuffs like this to make you laugh and entertained while you learn some important things like facts, technology and what ever comes under the sun, that is Everything Under the Sun !! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gadgets of the year !

Hey everyone,
Recently T3 Gadget awards 2011 was held and the jury, number of votes were the main factors in deciding which gadget has to be selected the Gadgets of the year in there respective category. I'll be listing few gadgets which were awarded in the T3 Gadget award function with the description why they were awarded !

Gadget of the Year: Microsoft XBOX Kinect
Gadget of the Year Microsoft XBOX Kinect

Why ?
MS XBOX kinect is the fastest selling consumer durable product of all time. It allows gamers to interact with the gadget without even touching game controller, and it is because of motion sensing device which is embedded in MS XBOX kinect.

Computer of Year: Apple MacBook air 11 inch

Why ?
Attractive to eyes and efficient. It has SSD (solid state drive), where random read and write are faster compare to our normal hdd, in place of normal hdd and 4GB RAM. Apple MacBook beat Sony & Samsung in the competition .

Commuter Gadget of the Year: Amazon kindle
Commuter Gadget of the Year Amazon kindle

Why ?
The best Ereader, which can hole around 3,500 ebooks with crisp font, which makes user more comfortable while reading in bright light. Amazon kindle had stiff competition from Apple ipad and iphone in this category !

Tablet of the Year: Apple iPad 2
Tablet of the Year Apple iPad 2

As expected by many, that iPad 2 is the best tablet PC ever created. Apple iPad 2 had stiff competition from Android based tablet and Samsung galaxy ! It has ARM A5 dual core processor which makes it more efficient than it's competitors.

Phone of the Year: Samsung Galaxy S II
Phone of the Year Samsung Galaxy S II

Why ?
Samsung Galaxy S II, which has 1.5GHz dual core processor with 4G download speed & wave and pay technology, was crowned Phone of the Year after it beat Apple iPhone 4.

TeleVision of the Year: Samsung UE55D8000
TeleVision of the Year Samsung UE55D8000

Why ?
It allows users to access facebook, twitter and many more TV apps. Samsung UE55D8000 has 3D support with HDMI inputs and ultra slim structure.

Work Gadget of the Year: RIM Blackberry Bold 9780
Work Gadget of the Year RIM Blackberry Bold 9780

Why ?
RIM Blackberry Bold 9780 won the race for Work Gadget of the Year: after defeating Apple iPhone, HTC and Samsung in the competition.

T3 Design Award: Apple MacBook Air 11-inch
T3 Design Award Apple MacBook Air 11-inch

Why ?
Apple MacBook Air 11-inch beat Samsung series 9 in this category.

Digital Camera of the Year: Canon PowerShot G12
Digital Camera of the Year Canon PowerShot G12

Canon PowerShot G12 has 10 megapixel sensor and capability to record 720p HD video. The competitors to Canon PowerShot G12 were Beating Fuji Finepix X100, the Olympus E-PL2 & the Nikon D3100 !

Innovation of the Year: Razer Switchblade
Innovation of the Year Razer Switchblade

Why ?
Razer Switchblade comprises of infinitely customizable keyboard, which metamorphoses to suit the game being played, with touchscreen technology and Intel’s Atom processor to create full-spectrum PC gaming on the move ! Which takes gaming to next level !!

Gadget Accessory of the Year: Eye-Fi Pro X2 card
Gadget Accessory of the Year Eye-Fi Pro X2 card

Why ?
It has ability to connect to wifi network and can hold upto 4000 HD quality photo or 3 hrs of HD video content.

Music Gadget of the Year: Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Studio
Music Gadget of the Year Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Studio

Why ?
Light weight and strong aluminum frame with great sound clarity.

Gaming Gadget of the Year: Microsoft Xbox Kinect
Gaming Gadget of the Year Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Why ?
Already specified in Gadget of the Year :)

Home Gadget of the Year: Philips Airfryer
Home Gadget of the Year Philips Airfryer

Why ?
Uses Rapid Air Technology to cook meals, which uses superheated air instead of fat to make chips.

Digital Media Service of the Year: Twitter
Digital Media Service of the Year Twitter

Why ?
Twitter was declared winner after beating facebook and youtube. The reason for twitter winning is said to be the apps which are available for iPhone, iPad & Android based devices for twitter.

App of the Year: Flipboard
App of the Year Flipboard

Why ?
A free application which creates personalize magazines for its user from various feeds.

Gadget Personality of the Year: Mark Zuckerberg
Gadget Personality of the Year Mark Zuckerberg

Why ?
Facebook owner ! Facebook is a social networking site with more than 500 million users glued to it.

Online Retailer of the Year: Amazon UK
Online Retailer of the Year Amazon UK

Why ?
Sold highest number of items on time !

Tech Brand of the Year: Google
Tech Brand of the Year Google

Why ?
Do I need to specify it? :D

So, which one of those gadgets do you own ?
Share it with us.

I hope next year World's Cheapest Tablet PC: Aakash will be in the list of Top and most wanted gadgets.

Hope you liked the Gadgets of the year 2011, which includes cool and engaging gadgets, apps, etc., article. We will come back with more interesting stuffs like this ASAP.

Till then keep surfing Everything Under The Sun and have fun ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

World's Cheapest Tablet, Aakash launched !

Do you remember that we gave a hint about World's cheapest Tablet PC in our article, Is iPhaad, India's answer to the iPad, for real? , earlier ?
No? Then check the link :)

Finally, it has become a reality. India has finally launched the cheapest tablet computer, which cost only around $60, that is INR 2999 ! Though it is higher than $35, which was promised before it's production, still cheaper than any other tablet pc in the world.

More information about Aakash, World's cheapest tablet, in concise format:
Created By: Datawind
Launch Name: Aakash
Launch Date: 5th October, 2011 (today)
Price: $60, around Rs. 2999
Weight: 350 gm
Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Touch screen size: 7 inch
RAM: 256 MB
Internal Memory: 2GB
Battery Life: Upto 3 hrs.
Commercially available from: November, 2011

Does it have ?
Wifi Connectivity: Yes
Stereo earphones and microphone: Yes
Multimedia: Yes
MicroSD card slot: Yes
USB port: Yes, 2 in number
Replacement warranty: Yes, for 1 year.
Other andoid applications be download and installed: Yes

The price will gradually reduce to $35 from $60 and then ultimately will come down to $20 or $10. Atleast that is what Kapil sibal has promised or expecting it.

What are/ were the other cheap tablet pc ?
HP TouchPad @ $99, launched by HP
Pepper @ $99, launched by Devraj group
Wespro ePad @ $149, launched by Wespro Digital
Kindle Fire @ $199, launched by Amazon

We will come back with more information on Aakash as we get to know about this new cheapest tablet pc in the world. Till then take care and keep surfing Everything Under the Sun !

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top 10 Hot and Sexy 007 (Bond) Girls !

Hey everyone,
I'm back with another list of Top 10 celebrities ! This time the celebrities are specific and they are related to James Bond, 007 ! With Margarita Levieva making news to be the next bond girl, I thought this is the perfect time to share the Top 10 Bond girls with my blog audience and subscribers. Many try to be Bond girl, but only few lucky and talented actress can be Bond girl. The top 10 has been chosen on the basis of the survey conducted online and there glamour quotient, which include beauty, confidence and mysterious looks.
When I say Top 10 Bond Girl, it implicitly means I'll be sharing Top 10 Bond Girls as well ! I'll be sharing more information about Top 3 Bond Girls below and then we will move on to Top 10 Bond Girls. And Top 3 Bond girls are,

Top 3 Bond (007) Girls
    Eva Green
Eva Green James bond 007 scene

Very Beautiful and left an impact as a hot actress.
      Ursula Andress
Ursula Andress James bond 007 scene

First Bond girl and the sexy sultry walk out of
sea was High point of the movie !
   Honor Blackman
Honor Blackman James bond 007 scene

Impressed viewers with her abilities like kicking butt and flying planes
Oldest actress (at the age of 36) to be a bond girl.

Now, I'll be stating Top 10 Bond girls over 5 decades ! And they are as follows,

Top 10 Bond (007) Girls
rankActual NameFamous for
(Role played)
Movie nameHow did she looked
(in movie)?
1Ursula AndressHoney RyderDr. No.
Ursula Andress James bond 007 scene
2Honor BlackmanPussy GaloreGoldfinger
Honor Blackman James bond 007 scene
3Eva GreenVesper LyndCasino Royale
Eva Green James bond 007 scene
4Halle BerryGiacinta "Jinx" Johnson aka JinxDie Another Day
Halle Berry James bond 007 scene
5Diana RiggTracy di VincenzoOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diana Rigg James bond 007 scene
6Claudine AugerDominique "Domino" DervalThunderball
Claudine Auger James bond 007 scene
7Michelle YeohColonel Wai LinTomorrow Never Dies
Michelle Yeoh James bond 007 scene
8Carole BouquetMelina HavelockFor Your Eyes Only
Carole Bouquet James bond 007 scene
9Barbara BachAnya Amasova aka Agent XXXThe Spy Who Loved Me
Barbara Bach James bond 007 scene
10Shirley EatonJill MastersonGoldfinger
Shirley Eaton James bond 007 scene

Hope you liked this article, related to movies, entertainment and fun, as well. And if you think I missed some beauties in the top 10 list, you can state them in comments !
We will come back with nice and informative article like this one again.
Till then have fun and keep visiting Everything Under the Sun for more updates.