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Sachin Tendulkar : The GOD of Cricket World !!

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Today we saw one of the greatest player, Rahul Dravid retired from international cricket. And that might trigger the retirement process in Indian cricket team. And it gives opportunity to many (so-called) critics a chance to talk about other great players.
So, to make sure everyone know whom the critics want to retire after recent forgetful tour of India I've come up with this article. To start of my article,

Who is Sachin Tendulkar ?
Sachin Tendulkar

To answer this question in detail, I might not be the right person. So, I'll let you know about him in short.
Sachin Tendulkar is known as God of cricket. He is the god of the religion CRICKET. The reason why he is given that title because he is the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket, as per many.
Wisden rated him the 2nd best batsmen of all times in test behind Don Bradman and 2nd best ODI batsmen after Viv Richard in the year 2002. He is the first man on earth to score a double century (200 runs) in ODI (one day international), a cricket game format. First man on Earth to score 10,000 runs in ODI cricket. He is known by many names, like master blaster, little master, little champion, nightmare for bowlers, etc..  by his fans.
He holds the record for most cricket matches played by an individual, most runs (in both test and ODI), highest centuries (100+ runs in an inning), and many others !

It is stated that Shane Warne, one of the greatest leg-spinners of all times, once said that, he has a nightmare of Sachin Tendulkar hitting him sixes all over the park, after the match where Sachin tendulkar actually gave him a nightmare.
More info about his personal life and career @ Sachin Tendulkar
You can see his contribution to Indian Team & cricket as a player @ Sachin Tendulkar
Cautionary Note: Don't ask this question to any of his die-hard fans, you might end up in out of shape !

Now, being a fan of Sachin Tendulkar Why am I writing this article today ?
Reason: As I stated earlier in this article, that many (so-called) critics want him to retire !
Let me introduce you to the Sachin Tendulkar in different style, that is the way in which he was never described till now.

Impact of Sachin tendulkar !
Sachin tendulkar has 48 centuries in ODI, does that make you say wow ! unbelievable ! Amazing !. But that is not the impact I'm talking about. I'm talking about the impact index which measures the impact of a player in a match he plays. Impact index is a scale whose range goes from 0 to 5 and it is based on players strike rate, pressure he absorbs on the field, average runs scored, and other factors of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar has got 74 times impact index as 5, and that is the highest times any player has got impact factor of 5 !
He got 55 times 5 impact index based on his batting and 19 times because of his bowling capabilities, and that means he is multi-skilled player.

What is his best landmark till now ?
Did you say Sachin Tendulkar scoring 200 against South Africa last year ?
Yes, then I'm afraid that I'm talking about that milestone. I agree that was one of the best innings of Sachin tendulkar and absolute delight for his fan, but there are other landmarks also like he scored 117 in 1st CB series final and 91 in 2nd CB series final in the year 2008, which made sure India win the best of 3 finals without even India playing 3rd ODI, 143 v/s Australia in Sharjah 1998, 95 v/s pakistan in finals of independence cup 1998, etc..

God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar
Highest Pressure Impact !
Pressure impact is measure of pressure a players faces on field when the wickets are tumbling/falling at the other end. Now, many would say it should be M.S. Dhoni, but contrary to this myth it is Sachin Tendulkar who has the highest Pressure impact among Indians. It is around 45%, and that is quite good.

Average runs doesn't speak truth !
When you see Sachin tendulkar's average,44.74 in ODI, it looks good but not great. He comes on 10th spot if you see the average of all the cricketers till now, who has minimum of 75 matches. And 3rd in current Indian team averages (Only M.S.Dhoni & Virat Kohli has more than him). But this doesn't speak about the greatness of this man ! As averages are calculated based on number of runs scored and number of times you got out. That is, it is screwed for batsmen who play till the end without getting out (even though he scores less).

Sachin Tendulkar is the Greatest chasers in Cricket World !
Many believes that he is good when setting up the target, but the fact is he has chased down opponents score 54 times with his partner on cricket field. It is the highest by any player in the world. Other Indians who come among the top 10 are Mohammad Azharuddin (44 times) & Yuvraj Sing (35 times). Jacques Kallis is second in the list, with 52 chased score and Ricky Pointing with 46 is on 3rd.

Sachin tendulkar double hundred ODI 200 south africa

Remarkable Strike rate !
He has a strike rate (ratio of runs scored by number of balls faced) of 86.29 in ODI. And that is amazing for a player who has played more than 450 ODIs.

Can he play any cricketing stroke with perfection ?
Name any stroke of cricket and this little champion can hit the ball with his bat that strike with perfection ! See following images to see few examples of his stroke play,

God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar Playing
Sachin Tendulkar the god in Action in cricket match
Sachin Tendulkar God of cricket
Sachin Tendulkar Playing cricket snapshot

Least failure rate as a batsmen !
Sachin Tendulkar has least failure rate among Indians and 14th overall, that is a player who didn't made an impact in a game which he played. That his he got impact index 0. Adam Gilchrist has the least failure rate in the world, though he has played only 287 matches, far lessthan matches played by Sachin tendulkar.

Greatest ODI Batsmen of current generation !
As stated earlier that he is the 2nd all time best ODI batsmen after Viv Richard, but Viv richard played in previous generation for us and in present generation we have Sachin Tendulkar !

Sachin Tendulkar Fans India world

Longevity & consistency !
The amount of time Sachin tendulkar spend on cricket and on cricket field tell us about his longevity. And the way he scored against all opponents every year tells us about his consistency.

Most Respected Cricketer in World !
He is the only cricketer who is respected by more then billion people in the world. He was never engaged in any major controversies and always carried himself on & off field gracefully.
Sachin+Tendulkar God of cricket World Cup 2011

Hopefully after reading this article some of the (so-called) critics shut there mouth, as they are no where near  his greatness !! And we will continue to see Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar on field smashing the bowlers all over the park and making his most awaited 100th international century. And Sachin Tendulkar doesn't retire from cricket soon.

Hope every cricket fan liked this article and share it to make sure everyone read & understand about the greatness of Sachin tendulkar, the God of cricket !
I'll be coming back articles like this in future as well, till then keep surfing Everything Under the Sun and have fun.. :)