Thursday, August 4, 2011

Top 10 Highest paid female athletes 2011

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Do you remember I shared the Top 10 Highest paid female athletes in the year 2010 ?
Now, Again Forbes has released the latest Top 10 Highest paid female athletes. This list was released in August, 2011 and the ranking is based on there income, which includes the prize money they earn through tournaments/games they play and other sources like appearances fees, endorsements, exhibition, etc.
Before I share the Top 10 Highest paid female athletes 2011 players list, I would to share the top 3 and then Top 10 highest paid female players !
So, here are the Top 3 Highest paid female athletes, 2011,

       Maria Sharapova             (No.1)   Caroline Wozniacki (No.2)          Danica Patrick          (No.3)
Maria Sharapova tennis top 10 top 3
Caroline Wozniacki tennis top 10 top 3
Danica Patrick nascar racing top 10 top 3
And now, the following table shows the Top 10 Highest paid female athletes, which also means we are sharing top 3 as well in the year 2011,

rankNameRelated to which SportApproximate IncomecountryAge
1Maria SharapovaTennis$25 millionRussia24
2Caroline WozniackiTennis$12.5 millionDenmark21
3Danica PatrickNascar/racing$12 millionAmerica29
4Venus WilliamsTennis$11.5 millionAmerica31
5Kim ClijstersTennis$11 millionbelgium28
6Serena WilliamsTennis$10.5 millionAmerica29
7Kim Yu-naFigure Skating$10 millionSouth Korea20
8Li NaTennis$8 millionChina29
9Ana IvanovicTennis$6 millionSerbia23
10Paula CreamerGolf$5.5 millionAmerica24

Note: All the Income shared here are approximated.

  • Maria Sharapova retained her Numero uno spot, that No.1 spot this year as well, and by that it means she has topped the Forbes top 10 highest paid female athletes 7th time in a row !
  • There are 4 tennis players in Top 5.
  • There are 7 tennis player in Top 10.
  • 2 players are from tennis in Top 3.
  • 4 Players are from America in Top 10. Also, now Maria Sharapova is a resident of America.
  • Only from 4 distinctive sports (tennis, racing, Figure skating & Golf) female athletes occupy top 10.
  • All the female athletes age is in the range of 20-30 (including both boundaries) excluding Venus Williams.
  • Danica Patrick moved one place up from her last year's ranking.
Hope you liked the way I've presented the information about top 3, top 10 Highest paid female athletes 2011.
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