Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 10 deadliest animal on the Earth !

Are you afraid of animals ?
If your answer is yes, then you must read tis article carefully !! And if your answer is No, then you should read this article with much more interest, as this article will make you aware why some people are afraid of animals, how/which way they are harmful and about some facts.

I'm going to share the top 10 deadliest animal on the earth, I found this list and this amazing facts while surfing around, so be careful with these animal !! :D
The numbering indicates there rank, that is No.1 means it is the most deadliest animal and then the amount of deadliness decreases, here is the list,

  1. Humans : I needn't specify the reason !!
  2. Mosquito : Around 2 millions death are caused every year because of this tiny insect.
  3. Asian Cobra : It is also the most venomous snake.
  4. Australian Box Jellyfish : Also known as sea-wasp
  5. Great White Shark : Can smell blood from miles away.
  6. African Lion : Very quick on earth.
  7. Australian Crocodile : They can run @ 30-40 mph for small time to catch the prey.
  8. Elephant : Can crush anyone with its one feet.
  9. Polar Bear :Very cute & 8th deadliest
  10. Cape Buffalo : It has razor sharp horns & solid skull.
  11. Poison Dart Frog : Have neurotoxin in them to kill 10 humans at once.
  1. The list doesn't include extinct animals and doesn't consider the deaths caused by them.
  2. No. 0 indicates that humans are by default and aren't included in counting. :)
Some of the names are really surprising, like mosquito occupies the 1st place in deadliest animal list & Box jellyfish is on 3rd and White Shark on 4th (excluding Humans)!!
You would have rate Whilte Shark 1st, like other humans (including me), right ? But the deadliness is based on the number of deaths caused by that specific animal, as deadliness is derived from DEADliness and it is the fact of these animals !!

So, make sure there are no mosquitoes around (and for that keep your surrounding clean and green) and be healthy to have fune while you surf around.. :D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top 10 Highest paid reality TV Stars in the year 2010 !!

As the year 2010 is coming to an end, we see that many statistics are released this week. And in the list of the statistics which are released a statistics has been released recently on web which is about the highest paid reality TV stars and I'm sharing the same thing with you, it is the list of Top 10 (and it implicitly includes top 3) reality TV show stars who are earning in millions of dollar !!

I'm sharing the list in tabular form so that is easily readable and recognizable after some time. The list contain some of the most popular TV stars who has been paid highest in the year 2010. The amount given in the 3rd column of the table is the approximate amount earned by that star and the earning includes the earning from reality TV show, ads, appearances, etc..

Highest paid TV reality star in the year 2010
RankNameEarnings (in Dollars)Snapshot
Kim Kardashian
6 million
Kim Kardashian_75px
Lauren Conrad
5 million
Lauren Conrad_75px
Bethenny Frankel
4 million
Bethenny Frankel_75px
Kate Gosselin
3.5 million
Kate Gosselin_75px
Audrina Patridge
3.5 million
Audrina Patridge_75px
Michael Sorrentino (The Situation)
3 million
Michael Sorrentino (The Situation)_75px
Kourtney Kardashian
2.5 million
Kourtney Kardashian_75px
Khloe Kardashian
2.5 million
Khloe Kardashian_75px
DJ Pauly D
2 million
DJ Pauly D
Kendra Wilkinson
2 million
Kendra Wilkinson_75px

Some points which I noticed are,

  • Majority of the reality TV stars in the table are female (to be precise 8 are female and only 2 male reality TV stars are in the list) !!
  • Also, you must have noticed that I said Top 10 but gave ranking only till 7, because the ranking was given only on the basis earnings earned by a reality TV star !
  • The three members in the list are from Kardashian family (Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian). And they are sisters !!
So, did yo notices anything else ? If yes, let us know by your comments we will add them to the article :)

You must be wondering how a serious and money oriented article like this comes just after the previous funny article, right ?
Then the answer from our side, is that, as you can see that our blog name is everything under the sun, we bring you the latest and the things which comes under the sun !!

Have fun & Keep Surfing to gain your knowledge in the world of web..

Friday, December 24, 2010

Funny T-Shirt Quotes..

Hey everyone,
Recently I encountered some funny quotes which can be used to put on your T-Shirt if you are an Engineer, and specifically software engineers, as these quotes are well, I must say best suited for them !! Though I don't say that only engineers have these kind of thinking, there can be others as well. I will sharing these funny images, which has the quotes embedded in them, so that it makes you laugh and inspire you to buy these kind of T-Shirts or atleast you embed these text for fun ;)

Hope you liked the quotes and want similar T-shirt quotes for your T-shirt.. We will be sharing more stuffs like this to make you laugh and entertained while you learn some important things like facts, technology and everything under the sun !! :)
This is one of the way we can keep ourself interested in life, by having fun while learning which (comes) is Everything Under the Sun.. ;)

I've added part-2 for funny T-shirt quotes, which you can surf @ Funny T-shirt quotes Part-2. Hope you like that article too :D

Some mind boggling facts..

I believe everyone of us are really interested in the world facts which are amazing and can stun you. Some of the facts are cool and not very serious and some are really interesting an amazing facts which surprises you and in shock/surprise it can keep your mouth open for long !!

Some facts which can boggle your mind are listed below, read them and have fun :)
  • 'Queue' is the only word in the English Dictionary which is pronounced in the same way when last four letter are truncated or removed.
  • 'Almost' is the lengthiest word in the English language which has all the letters in the alphabetical order.
  • On an average the lead pencil can draw 35 miles long line or write approximately 50000 English words.
  • You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.
  • The blue whale's whistle is the loudest noise made by any animal in the Earth.
  • Ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
  • Elephant is the only mammal which can't jump.
  • Never hold your nose or cover your mouth with your hand while sneezing, it can blow your eyes.
  • Crocodile can't move its tongue & can digest even a steel nail.
  • Americans on an average eat 18 acres of pizza everyday.
  • The dot in the alphabet 'i' is known as tittle.
  • The fear of long words is known as 'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia', and believe me to pronounce this word it took me around 15 seconds !!
We will keep sharing interesting things like this... Hope you are liking it !!
Have fun & keep surfing for things which interest you ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At what speed does Earth revolve around the Sun ?

Have you ever wondered at what speed does out Earth revolve around the sun ?
No, then I'm surprised !!  As I always used to wonder about the rotation speed of the Earth around the sun.
And if your answer is yes, then probably you might not be knowing the speed, right ?
Now, Let's calculate the speed of Earth's with which it rotates around the sun, which we call it as one complete revolution.
We know that Earth takes 1 year to revolve around the sun, that is, time,t= 8765.813 hours.
Also, we know that the average distance between Sun and the Earth is 149,597,890 km, that is we can take that value as radius of a cirlce on which Earth revolve, then, Circumference of the circle, that is,
Distance travelled by Earth in one year, S=2*pi*149,597,890 km (assuming the the path of Earth in which it revolves is circle)
 = 940329594.3 km (approximately)

Note: Here I've used the value of pi as 22/7 ( I know it is not accurate value, though we take in practice for calculation :)
Now we know that velocity or speed, v =  S/t
=> v = 940329594.3 km / 8765.813 hours = 107272 km/hr (approximately)
That is, the speed at Earth revolve around the Sun, that is Earth's revolution speed, is 66655.73 miles per hour (= 107272 km/hr).

Isn't it very fast ?? And indeed the fact is that is too fast !!
Keep surfing, we will be sharing more stuff like this.. Have fun :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cricket World cup 2011, Biggest Tournament of Cricket World !!

Let me start my article by asking a simple question, Do you like Cricket ?
Nope ? Did I asked something wrong ?
Okay, let me re-write it, Do you love Cricket ?
Now, probably your answer is YES !! And if your answer is still No, then probably this article can change your view, as the amount of excitement involved in this game is equivalent to anyother game!!

Let me give you an introduction to the Biggest tournament of Cricket, which is held every four years (same as Olympics, FIFA world cup, and many major tournaments) !!! Many teams participate in this tournament to win this tournament, it involves ODI matches (that is 50 overs per side, that is on an average a match will end in 7 hours). There are group matches, and then super 6/8 (depending on the teams participating), also known as quarter finals, then you have semifinal (having only 4 teams) and then you have final (2 teams, and one will be the winner !!). This was a brief introduction in general about Cricket world cup. Also, it is the 3rd largest and the biggest tournament, related to sports on the Earth !
Now, I share some highlights of the Cricket World cup 2011,
  • No. of teams participating: 14
  • No. of countries Hosting: 3 (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh)
  • No. of groups: 2 (7 in each group)
  • No. of teams advances to next round (quarter finals): 8 (Top 4 from each group)
  • First Match date (inauguration match): 19th February, 2011 (India v/s Bangladesh)
  • Last Match date (Final Match): 2nd April, 2011
  • Total No. of Venues: 13 (2 from Bangladesh, 3 from Sri Lanka, 8 from India).
  • No. of umpires selected for the whole tournament (excluding reserve umpires): 18
  • Mascot: Stumpy (shows young and energetic standing elephant)
    Stumpy:Cricket world cup 2011 mascot
  • Names of Knockout Rounds: Quater, Semi and Final (group stage matches are not knockout).
  • Total No. of matches: 49 (1 Final, 2 Semi-Finals, 4 Quarter finals, 42 group stage matches).
  • No. of matches each team will play in group stage: 6
See the below image, which shows the venue for the quarter final, semi-final and final matches with dates !
Pictorial view of Knock Out Rounds(Quarter,Semi and Final matches) cricket world cup 2011
Pictorial view of Knock Out Rounds
Now, I would be sharing how the teams are divided (alphabetically sorted),
Group A:
  • Australia Australia flag
  • Canada Canada flag
  • Kenya Kenya flag
  • New Zealand New Zealand flag
  • Pakistan Pakistan flag
  • Sri Lanka Sri Lanka flag
  • Zimbabwe Zimbabwe flag
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh flag
  • England England flag
  • India India flag
  • Ireland Ireland flag
  • Netherlands Netherlands flag
  • South Africa South Africa flag
  • West Indies West Indies flag
We will be sharing more information, as the tournament starting date approaches !
Till then Good bye from our side, and have fun.. Keep surfing !!

10 Largest animals in the world !!

Do you ever wondered which is the largest animal in the world ?
Now, you would say me that largets varies from category and way they live, and that the reason I classified some animals on the baiscs of there speciality !!
Here is the list of top 10 (whish internally means top 3 as well) animals and why they are largest in there living conditions, domain, weightwise, heightwise, volume, etc.. in this world.
  1. Largest & Heaviest Animal(Here we are considering land and water): Blue Whale
  2. Heaviest Insect: Goliath beetle
  3. Largest Land Animal(herbivore animal): African Bush Elephant
  4. Largest Land Animal(carnivore animal): Polar Bear
  5. Largest Reptile: Crocodile
  6. Largest Bird: Ostrich
  7. Largest Amphibian: Chinese giant salamande
  8. Largest cartilaginous Fish: Whale Shark
  9. Largest invertebrate: Colossal Squid
  10. Tallest land Animal: Giraffe
Note: The list mentioned above considers only the animals (including birds, insects, etc..) which are presently living on Earth. The extinct species are not considered. :)

You must be wondering why did I used distinct colors above, right ?
Did you noticed the colors used ? Nope ?
Then let me tell you what does the color signify,  I've used colors in such a way that the animal lives in that environment or has similar color n there body  (except for polar bear, as they are white and if If I use white coilor then it will be invisible in this article ;)) !!

Hope you liked the article and the facts which I shared here. Though you could have found it on internet, but I listed them at one place !! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Earn While you Spend

Hi Guys its been a long time since I posted. I've been busy with some of my work and now I'm back and you can expect something more something new. Today I'm going to talk about a service which lets you earn while you spend. Its just in its initial phases and you can sign up for free.

It works on this Simple Idea :
What is even more intresting is that it allows a referral process, so if you refer someone you get some money into your account, and everytime your refferal spends some money , along with him you earn some money too :).
As I've said the service is currently in India, and its in its starting phase currently offering mobile top-ups. The Company plans to integrate more services like movie ticketing, travel ticketing, billing etc."

So what you are waiting for ?
Just logon to (Don't forget to Use "1203803" (without quotes) as your refferal) and create a free account. You need to transfer money into this account so as to use it and as you spend that money you earn more :).

So, what are you waiting for just go ahead, register and login to earn while you recharge :)
I will writing in the future about the service and explain more clearly about the process. But since the Service is in the initial phases just make sure that you go ahead and create an account .
When you do a recharge for your mobile, everytime you do a recharge you just spend money but you don't earn anything right, but here comes a service that lets you earn some little amount on every penny you spend.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giant planet discovered outside our galaxy !

Recently astronomers discovered something which can be a great break through in the field of astronomy. They discovered a planet, and named it as HIP 13044b (that is, combination of hydrogen and helium gases, also known as Helmi stream group of stars). It is a gas planet and biggest planet ever discovered by humans !
Also, it is the first planet discovered outside out galaxy, which is around 400 times heavier than earth, that is its mass will be around 400*earth mass =  2.38968 × 10^25 kilograms !! It is around 2000 light years (that is around 1.89210568 × 10^16 Kilometers) away from Earth.

I've summarized the properties of the planet below, you can see them as they are listed :)
Planet name : HIP 13044b
Weight : 25% heavier than Jupiter !
Mass : 400 earth mass =  2.38968 × 10^25 kilograms !
Future : Orbiting around a star, which will be dead soon (as it is in red giant phase) and can consume the planets in its solar system !

Another interesting fact is that till now we (I mean astronomers and scientist) discovered 500 planets in our universe ! and who knows there can another 500 revolving or stationary planets exist in our mysterious universe. Also, there is a possibility that the new planets discovered might be larger than this planet !!

Hope the article for useful and you liked it !!
Comments and feedback are welcomed.. Have fun :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

India's kindle, A book ereader !!

India's Bangalore based company has developed a new ereader, and it is known to be first Indian ereader. It was named to be The Wink eReader, it will be a delight for all the book lovers !!
Now, you will ask me what is so special about it ? The answer is that it supports 15 languages and none of the present ereaders supports these many languages!!

Wink EreaderWink Logo

Wink ereader

Wink logo

Below you can the features, physical properties of the ereader, the cost and something more about the developers of The Wink eReader, in brief.

Name: The Wink eReader
Developer: EC Media International, a Bangalore based Company.
Technology Used: e-ink for displaying content
Supported Text Formats: TXT, RTF, PDF, DOC, HTML, WOLF, CHM, FB2, DJVU and ePUB
Supported Multimedia Formats: MP3, WAV and AAC

Physical Properties and Cost:
  • Dimensions: 18.52 cm(length) x 12.46 cm(width) x 1.09 cm(height)
  • Weigh: Around 260 gram (including battery)
  • Processor frequency: 400 MHz
  • Screen resolution: 800x600
  • Screen size: 6 inch
  • Price: Rs 11,490, that is around US $ 254
  • Supports 15 different languages !!
  • First Indian ereader which will compete against Amazon kindle.
  • You can preview the content and Text to Speech Support(TTS).
  • Catalogue present in the gadgets, so easy accessible and content can be previewed easily.
  • Also supports upports Music, games and multimedia mails.
  • Strain-free readability even in bright sunlight, that is it has 16-shade grayscale screen that enhances text viewing as it avoids glare or backlight.
  • Great battery life and power backup, around 10 hours of music on a single charge.
  • Expandable extenal memory upto 16 GB, with internal memory 2GB.
  • Wi-fi connectivity.
  • Eco friendly, by Eco friendly I mean that all ereaders are eco-friendly as they save trees !!
Where does it lacks ?
  1. No touch screen wink ereaderas of now in market (but they are developing touch screen model, as well).
  2. Price is a bit too high (when compare to amazon kindle 3, which is around US$139).

Where can I get books from ?
It has various titles and covers various field of life ans technology.

Wink ereader comes in two models, as of now, they are
  1. Wink XTS (No 3G support, No touch screen)
  2. Wink 3G (3G support, No touch screen)
And the are planning to release two more models, and they would be,
  • Wink XLite (Lesser price, it will be around Rs. 7,990, though you can buy the limited edition in Rs.6,999 only)
  • Wink 3G+ (Touch screen feature is embedded)

About the company future development:
EC Media is planning to develop WinkWire, that will have wide range of news. It will be similar to e-newspaper, which will allow users to customize the news article according to there comfort.
Also, EC Media has e-store which has over 100,000 book titles, magazines, journals and selected articles.

So, how many of you are planning to buy the India's first ereader, Wink ?
I think you should give it a try and experience the thrill of reading books in various languages !!

Hope the article was useful to everyone.. have fun :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Do you know who is the most kissable Indian Actress ???

Recently Men's magazine Fantasy conducted a survey to know who is the most kissable Indian Actress, I mean who is the Indian actress that men want to kiss if they are allowed to, and the winner of the survey is Priyanka Chopra (former Miss World), abbreviated as PC by many newspaper and websites. She beats the likes of Kareena kapoor, Aishwarya rai and many other bollywood actress.
According the magazine the top 10 actress who were voted as most kissable actress are as follows,

  1. Priyanka Chopra
  2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  3. Kareena Kapoor
  4. Bipasha Basu
  5. Katrina Kaif
  6. Sonam Kapoor
  7. Mallika Sherawat
  8. Deepika Padukone
  9. Genelia D'Souza
  10. Asin
And by winning this survey Priyanka Chopra again proves herself that she is talented, sexy, adorable, lovable, fine actress, beautiful, workaholic and has great lips !!

Do you know all the actress listed are really beautiful, but I think Priyanka Chopra won this title not only because she has almost perfect lips but also because she has proved her mettle and character in many movies & difficult situations. Also, she has well toned body figure. Presently Priyanka Chopra is hosting the TV serial khatron ke khiladi, where contestant perform breath taking stunts to win the tiltle. Also, to addon to the information Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was also former Miss World, and that means Miss World beats another Miss World in this survey !!

If you missed to vote in the survey, then no problem you can vote it here and let us know whom do you think is the most kissable actress according to you by writing comment. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 10 Highest paid female athletes

 Recently forbes released the list of top 10 female athletes who earn more than any other counterpart. The top 10 athletes were decided on basis of prize money they win when they a tournament, appearances fees, endorsements and exhibition. Ranking was given on the basis of the athletes earning, as we are sharing about highest paid female athletes, and the top 10 female athletes are as shown in the table below,

rankNameRelated to which SportApproximate IncomecountryAge
1Maria SharapovaTennis$24.5 millionRussia23
2Serena WilliamsTennis$20.2 millionAmerica28
3Venus WilliamsTennis$15.4 millionAmerica30
4Danica PatrickRacing$12 millionAmerica28
5Kim Yu-NaFigure skating$9.7 millionSouth Korean19
6Annika SorenstamGolf$8 millionSweden39
7Ana IvanovicTennis$7.2 millionSerbia22
8Jelena JankovicTennis$5.3 millionSerbia25
9Paula CreamerGolf$5.2 millionAmerica24
10Lorena OchoaGolf$5 millionMexico28

Did you observed something while going through above table ?
Yes, then it is well and good. If your answer was no then also it is not a problem, the highlights/summary of the above table are as follows,
  • Out of top 10 earning players, 4 players belong to America !
  • Out of top 10 earning players, 5 players are related to Tennis and 3 are related to Golf !
  • Out of top 10 earning players, only Annika Sorenstam is above 30 years of age !
  • Out pf top 10 earning players, 4 players belong to the country whose first letter is 'S' !
  • Out of top 10 earning players, top 3 slots are occupied by tennis players !
Hope you liked the information which we are sharing  through this blog, and we will continue sharing this kind of stuff. We just need your support !!

So, keep surfing, gain knowledge and have fun !!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A planet which is almost Earth's Duplicate !!

Do you know astronomers and scientist have discovered a planet, named Gliese 581g which is almost similar to Earth. And this news was told by team at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington to the world. The reasons I say almost similar to Earth but not exactly same are as follows,
  1. The planet discovered doesn't belong to our solar system.
  2. The newly discovered planet revolves round the dwarf planet Gliese 581.
  3. Gliese 581g's mass is 3 times that of Earth's mass, that is around 17.9226 * 10^24 kilograms (since earth's mass is 5.9742 * 10^24 kilograms and 17.9226 * 10^24 = 3 * 5.9742 * 10^24).
  4. The average temperature as estimated by the astronomers is from -24 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, that is around -31 to -12 degrees Celsius.
  5. It is almost 20 light years away from Earth, that is around 1.89210568 × 10^14 Kilometers (since 1 light year=9.4605284 × 10^12 Kilometers).
  6. Gliese 581g is rocky and the gravity is similar to that of Earth.
Now, what is the problem ?
Till now astronomers are not successful in detecting water on this planet.

So, still the biggest question with respect to astronomy is again unanswered, that is Is there any other planet which supports life?

And the mystery of Universe continues !!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Do you want to be rich ? Then join these colleges...

Today I'm going to share the list of colleges which can make you rich !!
By making rich I mean when you join the colleges, which I would be listing in the tabular form, you will get good opportunities to earn after your graduation. You will be placed in good companies and companies pay you for your work !!
The list of colleges is as follows,

RankCollege nameAverage graduate salarylocation
1Williams College$120,684Williamstown, Massachusetts
2Dartmouth College$120,468Hanover, New Hampshire
3Stanford University$116,954Stanford, California
4Santa Clara University$110,351Santa Clara, California
5St. Mary's College of California$97,415Moraga, California
6University of Chicago$111,863Chicago
7Georgetown University$108,991Washington, District of Columbia
8United States Military Academy$105,985West Point, New York
9Occidental College$100,176Los Angeles, California
10Polytechnic Institute of NYU$101,069Brooklyn, New York

Now, you must be thinking of joining the above mentioned colleges, right ?
The basic requirement to join the institute is to get good SAT score !!

Also, you must have observed that 4 colleges are located in California, highest by any USA state.

So, Read, surf and simultaneously have fun :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab(let) v/s Apple ipad

Now the war for the new technology is open !! Samsung revealed that they are going to develop a tablet computer, which will have similar feature of apple ipad and they will be only around half the ipad's price !!

Almost all the functions provided by apple ipad will be integrated in this samsung galaxy tablet, and there are rumors that samsung galaxy will have more sophisticated features and galaxy will be more advanced when compare apple's ipad. Apple's ipad cost is around ₤449, that is 449 pounds and Samsung representatives said that they are going release the product and sell it for around ₤200, that is almost half the price of apple's ipad !! And this is possible because of new technologies coming up every day.

How is Samsung Galaxy tablet better than Apple ipad ?
Also, Galaxy Tab(let) will connect to the internet for free via Wi-fi hot spots similar to ipad. Also, samsung galaxy uses Android operating system which is in the favor of galaxy tab, also it supports flash video and cameras front and back which you can't find in Apple's ipad.

Where does samsung galaxy tablet lose to Apple ipad ?
The battery life of apple's ipad is more and the screen size of the samsung galaxy will be around 7 inches, when compare to 10 inches screen of galaxy !! Though it doesn't matter much for many, as you are saving around ₤200 !!

The information about Samsung galaxy tablet for revealed by South Korean company at the IFA technology show in Berlin. Samsung is also going to release new service namely, media hub similar to Appl'es i-tunes. You can know more about Samsung's galaxy tab from there official website, that is from this website.I'm exited about Samsung's galaxy tablet (computer) release, and are you exited ?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Folder names which you can't create in Windows !!

Hello friends,
I was trying few things on my laptop and then one of friend came to me ask if I can create a new folder with name 'con',  the I said "yes, why not ?"
Then he challenged me to create the folder name as con and show him, I tried but I was unsuccessful and then I asked him to give me some time so that I can create the folder with name con, and then I surfed internet to know the reason and then I came to knew that Windows use con,prn,aux, com1, com2, com3, com4, com5, com6, com7, com8, com9, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4, lpt5, lpt6, lpt7, lpt8, lpt9 for special purpose, so Windows don't allow users to create the folder with those names (atleast directly). Try to create if you don't believe me, and I'm sure you will not be able to create a folder name with above mentioned names. To add on this, you know it was first time observed by an Indian !

But, I could find a way to create a folder with name as 'con' (without quotes) and indirectly others also. :)
There are three ways in which you can create a folder by those names, and the methods are
  1. Using a Software like Dosbox , but I don't think there is fun in using a software and creating a folder with specified names.
  2. Second way is you can cheat, that is press Alt+0160 and then type con or prn or aux or any of the above mentioned names. Here Alt+0160 will give a extra space before you type the name of the folder, which you can't do it directly by pressing space bar. Also, by this trick you can rename a folder by 'con' or 'prn' or  'aux' or 'nul'   or 'lpt*' or 'com*'
  3. And the last way which I know is by using command prompt of windows. Go to start then click on run and the type 'cmd'(without quotes) and then type below mentioned command to create the folder name of your choice,
    • C:\Documents and settings>md \\.\D:\con to create the folder in D drive with name con.
    Also, the interesting part is that after creating the folder you can't delete is by right clicking on the folder and click on delete option, to delete the folder use the following command,
    • C:\Documents and settings>rd \\.\D:\con
    You ca specify the path where you want to create/delete the folder in place of drive D as destination.
Note: asterisk signifies that  you can type number from 1 to 9 in place of asterisk. Also, you can replace con by any of the names specified like 'md \\.\D:\prn' to create prn folder in drive D.

I thought that I should be sharing this trick all of you here, so that whenever somebody challenges you can just create a folder by above mentioned names or you can challenge your friend and another reason was to improve/share our knowledge about computers.

Hope you liked the trick which I specified here !!
We will be sharing more stuffs like this till then keep surfing and have fun... :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 25 Colleges of America !!

Are planning to go to top college in America, that is USA, to study further ?
Then this article can help you in finding the right college for you. The survey was conducted by forbes in the month of august in the year 2010 and they released the list of colleges based on the students experience, infrastructure, faculty and many other factors and ultimately arranging them rankwise.
The list of college with small information about them is as follows,

RankCollege nameWhich state?In-State tuition fee(in US dollar)Average debt of graduate(in US dollar)
1Williams CollegeMassachusetts(MA)37,6402,151
2Princeton UniversityNew Jersey(NJ)34,2903,228
3Amherst CollegeMassachusetts(MA)37,6403,632
4United States Military AcademyNew Jersey(NJ)0DN/NA
5Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts(MA)36,3904,092
6Stanford UniversityCalifornia(CA)36,7985,261
7Swarthmore CollegePennsylvania(PA)36,4902,215
8Harvard UniversityMassachusetts(MA)36,17336,173
9Claremont McKenna CollegeCalifornia(CA)37,0604,189
10Yale UniversityConnecticut(CT)35,3005,537
11United States Air Force AcademyColorado(CO)0DN/NA
12Wellesley CollegeMassachusetts(MA)36,6402,666
13Columbia UniversityNew York(NY)39,3264,741
14Haverford CollegePennsylvania(PA)37,5254,348
15Wesleyan UniversityConnecticut(CT)38,6344,122
16Whitman CollegeWashington(WA)35,1925,239
17Pomona CollegeCalifornia(CA)35,6252,400
18Northwestern UniversityIllinois(IL)37,125 5,169
19California Institute of TechnologyCalifornia(CA)34,4373,519
20University of ChicagoIllinois(IL)38,4926,866
21Carleton CollegeMinnesota(MN)38,0464,928
22Harvey Mudd CollegeCalifornia(CA)36,4024,541
23Vassar CollegeNew York(NY)40,2103,305
24Centre CollegeKentucky(KY)29,6003,980
25Rice UniversityTexas(TX)30,4864,428

Note: Tuition fee can vary in future. And DN/NA means don't know/not available.

The interesting thing which you might have not noted while going to the table, is that in top 3 colleges, 2 colleges are in MA and in top 5 colleges, 3 colleges are located in MA and 2 in NJ. Also, you can see that there are many other colleges in MA which are in top 10 and top 15 in the above table.

So, How many of you are already in the above mentioned colleges ?
If you are in the above mentioned colleges then you needn't worry about your future, as you are going to among the best in the business !!
And those of you are not in these colleges can work smarter and come to these college students level :D

Now for the freshers who want to join a college for graduation, chose among above mentioned colleges (if possible), so that you pass-out from one of the top colleges of USA  !

And at last, don't forget to have fun while you learn. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top 10 gadgets which make college students life easier !!!

Recently forbes conducted a survey and then they could find out what are the top 10 gadgets which could make students life more comfortable and reduce there effort while increasing the efficiency, simultaneously. Though they aren't given any ranks as the requirement/branch of a students also matters.

The list of gadgets or devices which a student should have to increase his/her efficiency are as follows,
Device nameDescriptionThumbnail image
Sony's Dash Personal Internet ViewerOne of the device which allows you to access more than 1500 applications, news, sports, social networking and weather websites. It is around $200
Compaq PresarioIt is a laptop which has almost everything which a student requires, and its cost is around $398
E-PenCaptures your handwritten notes and stores in the memory chip, so that you can read it on computer when you upload documents on your computer
YoYoBrainA free website where you can share your notes and view others notes and learn.
CourseSmartAnother website where you can buy etextbook(soft copy) at lower cost. Almost you get 60% off on all books when compared to hard copy of the text book.
iPadThis device need no introduction/description. It has many features and it was No.1 choice in schools when it was released.Its price varies from $499 to $829
Sony DPP-F700 Digital Photo Frame-PrinterThe screen is 7 inch wide and you get/take instant photo anywhere. It is useful when you want to read only two or three pages of the textbook and then don't need the textbook in future. Its cost is around $200.
JanSport Air Cure Laptop BackpackYou have an laptop, iPad, and many other devices where do you keep it? The answer is this backpack, which reduces 50% pressure on your shoulder and upper back when compared to others. Its cost is around $50.
kindleProduct of Amazon. It is an ereader device which can open .mobi formats. The newest kindle is 15% lighter and 21% smaller. Its price varies from $139 to $189.
Voltaic Laptop BagThis is an option given to students. It has solar panels through that you can charge your laptop, iPad, etc.. Its cost is around $170.

How many of you have 5+ items mentioned above ?
If you have 5 or more than 5 then try to acquire atleast 9 of them :), as they will make your life more easier. And those who have lessthan 5 items mentioned above, try to acquire 5 and then aim for atleast 9 :D

And always, don't forget to have fun while trying to improve efficiency !! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Top 10 US cities for working Mothers !!

Are you a working mother and living in US ?

If your answer is yes, then I'm gonna share something which will be perfect for all of you. You can see the list of top 20 US cities which are best cities for the working women according to forbes, the factors it has considered for rating are average women's income, living cost, Pediatricians, Unemployment, Crime rate/Security, Average  money spend.

And if your answer is No, then also you can read this article to increase your general knowledge ;)

The list is as follows,
  1. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Boston, Massachusetts
  4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  5. Baltimore-Towson, Maryland
  6. Denver, Colorado
  7. Hartford, Connecticut
  8. New York, N.Y. Metro
  9. Seattle-Tacoma, Washington
  10. Buffalo-Niagara Falls, New York
  11. Atlanta, Georgia
  12. Richmond, Virginia
    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    • San Diego, California
  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. San Jose-Sunnyvale, California
  3. Columbus, Ohio
    • Cleveland, Ohio
    • Indianapolis, Indiana Virginia
    • Beach-Norfolk, Virginia
I said 20, but you see only 18 numbers on the list, right ?
But if you carefully see there are 2 cities on 13th Place and 3 cities on 18th place, so total it is top 20 cities :) . Some cities are placed together as there was a tie in between them.

Where does your city stands in the above ranking ? Check it out, and if possible migrate to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota as it is the best place to live for working womens.. :)

Hope all the surfers/viewers like this one and at last  keep surfing.. :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Run/compile your C, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python programs for free online !!

As promised, I would be sharing a tool which will help you run and compile the program online and after using it you needn't install most of the programming language compilers. The tool which I'm talking about can compile programming languages/scripts like C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, etc..

Just visit this website, and you can find the text area wher you can paste your typed code or you can directly type your code in the text area.and chose the language you want to compile by selecting a radio button. The other advantage of the website is that it offers sample programs, so that you nedn't worry about sample codes and recent pastes with timestamp, so if you close the window by mistake then you needn't typepaste the code again !!

Hope you liked this stuff, and you are waiting for more.. Just wait for few days and you can see more stuffs coming and makes your life more easier, comfortable and efficient ;)

Have fun :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Is iPhaad, India's answer to the iPad, for real?

Following the launch of Apple's iPad, touted by many as the magnified version of the iPhone, India Inc. quickly jabbed Apple in the face with prototype release of the desi iPad (hereby referred to as the iPhaad) and announced it would sell this little baby for just $35. Ouch.
The HRD ministry had hailed this new development and taunted the mighty MIT to match their feat, which surpassed MIT's closest attempt - The $100 gadget under the "One laptop per child" banner (which actually ended up costing $200, as scaling down is underway at MIT to make it available for $100). This begs for the answer to one question: Is it for real?? Is it good enough?
The answer to that, you are about to find out!

The $35 tablet PC made a public appearance last night on NDTV and showed off its figure. Oops, I meant specs. It is very much for real, although, it remains to be seen how much this virgin will actually cost. It's going to be released in three size variants : 5-inch, 7-inch and 9-inch and is all set to don a 2GB RAM, a SIM card slot, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, microUSB, microSD expandable storage, video out and a webcam! All this with the Android 2.1 OS!! Moreover, it's a tree hugger as it runs on a meager two-watt power supply, meaning it can adapt to life in rural India. A minor drawback is its resistive touch interface, which is not very responsive, but for $35 I'd be more than willing to make that compromise!

Well, now, the bad news: HRD minister, Kapil Sibal, has specifically stated that they don't intend to enter the iPhaad, whose actual cost of components is close to $50, into the retail market. The $35 asking price is highly subsidized for use by students all over India and expected to be available only in schools and colleges.
It rolls out into students' hands by November 2011 and once it infects the Indians, has plans to globetrot as well!
The up side to it is, It will throw the industry into a competition to lower their prices and split open the market for more such products, even if for $100 and some more features thrown in.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Run your C program online free !!

Hello friends,
Recently while surfing I found an interesting tool which might interest almost all the engineering/ students or any person who doesn't want to install or download programming language,C compiler.

Just copy-paste your code or directly type your code in the text area provided below, and click on submit button to see if there any warnings or errors.

1k source length max
Optimize Warnings/Errors
Note: Above tool is not developed by us, I got it from internet.

And when your program is without any errors or warnings then your download manager or browser will ask you download the executable file, click on save and then run it on your computer by double clicking on the .exe file, which you have downloaded. I suggest everyone to use getch method which is present in conio.h library to see the output in convenient manner. So from now onwards no need to install an turbo C software, as you can execute and compile your C program/code online.

There is another tool for other programing  languages we will be sharing that tool soon...

We will be sharing similar stuffs in future also, keep vising for updates and keep browsing...Have fun :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Develop your own Screensaver

Hello Everyone !
Did you ever wondered how can you develop your own screensaver in Windows operating system ?
If your answer is yes, then See the following trick by which you can develop your own screensaver with your images and see the preview instantly. I discovered it while I was playing with some options in Windows. This trick will work in almost all Windows OS.

So, here I start..

  1. The first step is to minimize all the windows, you can do it by pressing Win+d or do it manually.
  2. Then right click on the free space of the desktop, I mean right click at empty area on desktop and select properties. 
  3. Then goto screensaver tab and select My Pictures Slideshow from the drop down menu in that window.
  4. Now click on settings button, you see a window popping out and there you can select the folder from which you want windows to pull the images and show in screensaver, time at which the image should change, etc.. As shown in the below image,

  5. Then click Apply/OK to save your settings, and you are done with the process !!
Have fun... and we will be sharing more stuffs like this !!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Delete temporary files and folders

While I surf I see at many places people ask how do I delete the temporary files or cookies or the content which they have viewed from there computer permanently or you can say surfing history. I though it will be good if I share the same thing with my viewers, so that they don't have similar problem.

There are various ways by which you can delete temporary files/folders from your PC and save memory. I'll tell you the trick to remove the stuff which aren't necessary for top 3 browsers & one general way.

If you are using Internet Explorer then just menu bar and search for TOOLS then click on it. Then click on INTERNET OPTIONS then you see a windows with some tabs, click on GENERAL tab (by default that is the tab selected) and then click DELETE button under browsing history then it ask you which part/section to delete if you want to delete full browsing history then click DELETE ALL. Otherwise select accordingly.

If you are using Mozilla firefox then press Ctrl+Shift+Del then you see a window popping out, there you can see time range, that is the time interval for which you want to delete browsing history and you have options to select to delete.

If you are using Google Chrome then follow the procedure as I said for firefox :D

Now general method by which you can delete the browsing history of all the browser simultaneously. There is a application called CCleaner (a freeware), you can download it from there official website, free of cost, install the application (that is, .exe file) and launch the application, there just click on run CCleaner and it will take care of deleting browsing history & temporary files and folder. Also, CCleaner is helpful in repairing history and managing start-up programs and installed programs.
The official website from which you can download CCleaner is, CCleaner.

There is private browsing in chrome and firefox, when you use this feature cookies aren't stored.
So, now you can save more memory.. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Top 10 richest Football clubs in the world !!

Recently the list of top 10 richest club was released and the only factor for the basis of the ranking was the value of the club, that is the price of there assets. The list is as follows,

S.No./rankClub/TeamLocation Value (in $million)
1Manchester UnitedEngland1,835
2Real MAdridSpain 1,323
3ArsenalEngland 1,181
4BarcelonaSpain 1,000
5Bayern MunichGermany 990
6LiverpoolEngland 822
7AC MilanItaly 800
8JuventusItaly 656
9ChelseaEngland 646
10Inter MilanItaly 413

Note: All the numbers in the column 4, that in the Value column are approximated, they are not absolute. :)

You could see Manchester United leads the table and its value is more than $500 million than its competitor. And England has 4 clubs in the top 10, then comes Italy which has 3 clubs in the top 10 list and then Spain (The world champions) which has 2 clubs !

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 10 expensive cities of the world !!

Forbes has disclosed another top 10 list, which comprises of most expensive cities in the world. The factors on which the list was released are Monthly cost to rent a luxury two-bedroom apartment, Cup of coffee, Two movie tickets and Fast-food hamburger price. Also, ranks of the cities have changed from last year, you could see there present rank (as indicated by S.No.) and the previous year rank from the below  :)

S.No./present rankcityrank in the year 2009
1Luanda, Angolanot ranked
2Toyko, Japan1
3Ndjamena, Chadnot ranked
4Moscow, Russia3
5Geneva, Switzerland4
6Osaka, Japan2
7Libreville, Gabonnot ranked
8Zurich, Switzerland6
9Hong Kong, Hong Kong5
10Copenhagen, Denmark7

If you are planning to go for holidays in any of the above mentioned cities then make sure you have enough money to have fun ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 10 Places to live in the world !

Now are you planning to go out on a holiday ? Then check out this article, it is perfect for anyone who is planning to go out for a holiday for minimum of 3-4 days. Also, if you planning to change your location permanently then settle in one of the cities which are on the list, as they are the best in the world :)

The list was released by forbes recently & the factors on which the list was released are, Quality of Life Index & Eco-City Index. The list is as follows in tabulated form,

S.No./rankcityQuality of Life Index Eco-City Index
1Vienna, Austria108133.5
2Zurich, Switzerland108 133.5
3Geneva, Switzerland107.9 131.5
4Auckland, New Zealand107.4 133.6
5Vancouver, Canada107.4 133.6
6Düsseldorf, Germany107.2 130.7
7Munich, Germany107 130.7
8Frankfurt, Germany107 123.1
9Bern, Switzerland106.5 133.6
10Sydney, Australia106.3 125

You could clearly see that most of the cities listed are from Europe continent and that to majority from Switzerland and Germany. Also, you can see there is a tie in between Auckland and Vancouver, I've placed them in the list in alphabetical order. Also, while giving the rankings Quality of Life Index has more priority over Eco-City Index.

How many of you are living in these cities & how many are planning to live in these cities now ? 
Check it out ! ;)

Happiest countries world wide !!

Recently forbes conducted a survey and found out the happiest country in the world and organised them continent wise. The numbering is given to the countries based on 4 factors, that is Percentage thriving, Percentage struggling, Percentage suffering and Daily experience. The list has top 3 countries from there respective continent & it is as follows,

Asia & Australia:
  1. New Zealand
  2. Israel
  3. Australia
  1. Malawi
  2. Libya
  3. Botswana
South & North America:
  1. Costa Rica
  2. Canada
  3. Panama
  1. Denmark
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
Asia & Australia continents were combined in this survey because number of countries in Australia are very less in number. 
Is your country in the list of happiest countries in the world ?
Just check it out !! ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

India v/s Sri Lanka

As Indian Tigers are playing against Sri Lankan, some of the records are set to tumble and some record may go further. Indian and Sri Lanka will be playing 3 test matches in the ongoing series, and the first test match will be last test match for the great spin bowler, Muttiah Muralitharan (who already has 792 wickets, and that is a record for highest number of wickets taken by any bowler in test cricket history).

Now, what are the records that can go further, that is might get extended and what are the record which can tumble in the series & some facts related to Indian v/s Sri Lanka test series.

From India's (No.1 Test team in ICC ranking) point of view:
  • To start with, The WALL of India (Rahul Dravid) needs only 87 runs to complete 1500 runs against Sri Lanka in test matches. And he will be the 2nd Indian batsmen to achieve this feat.
  • Rahul Dravid requires only 3 test fifties to complete 90 test fifties, and then he will be 4th batsmen in the history of test cricket.
  • Sachin Tendulkar need another century (100 runs or more) against Sri Lanka and then he becomes the first player to score nine or more test 100's against two spicific oppositions.
  • Now, it is between Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid as well in this series, they both hold the record for highest number of half centuries (more than 50 runs and less than 100) against Sri Lanka by Indian. They have scored 12 half centuries each till now against Sri Lanka.

From Sri Lanka's (No.4 Test team as per ICC ranking) point of view:
  • Kumar Sangakkara needs only 84 runs to complete 7000 runs in test cricket.
  • Muttiah Muralitharan needs only 3 wickets to take 100 or more wickets against India & then he becomes the first cricketer to get 100 or more wickets against India in test cricket. Also, he need 8 wickets to complete 800 test wickets.
  • Aravinda de Silva (retired from international cricket) and Mahela Jayawardene holds the record for scoring highest number of centuries against India by a Sri Lankan, that is 6 centuries each. Now if Mahela Jayawardene scores another century in this series then he would surpass Aravinda de Silva and will hold numero one position, in this regard.

Now we compare and contrast players from both the countries:
  • Mohammad Azharuddin (former Indian player) with 27 catches hold the record for highest number of catches in India-Sri Lanka test matches. For Sri Lanka, Hasan Tilakaratne holds the record with 16 catches, highes number of catches by any Sri Lankan player in Indis-Sri Lanka tests.
  • SAR Silva (former Sri Lankan player) with 22 dismissals holds the record for highest number of dismissals by wicket keeper in India-Sri Lanka test matches. For India, Nayan Mongia holds the record with 18 dismissals.
  • Indian have posted 43 three figure partnership, that is 100 or more runs by a pair, against Sri Lanka in test matches and Sri Lanka have posted only 33 100+ partnerships against India test matches.
Now the schedule for the test series is as follows,
1st Test is from 18th July to 22nd July, 2010
2nd Test is from 26th July to 30th July, 2010
3rd Test is from 03rd August to 07th August, 2010

And then they will play triangular ODI series. We will keep updating it, keep surfing have fun !!
We will come back with more facts and record in future as well.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top 10 Indian luxury cars !!

Recently survey was conducted and the top 10 luxury cars for Indian available in India are considered to be as follows,

  1. Germany's Audi A4 sedan
  2. Germany's Mercedes Benz S-Class
  3. BMW 5 series Gran Turismo
  4. Audi A8
  5. BMW 7 series
  6. Mercedes Benz E-Class
  7. Audi A6
  8. BMW 5 series
  9. BMW 3 series sedan
  10. Mercedes Benz C-Class

Have you observed the irony, none of the cars are modeled by India. All the cars are modeled outside India, though Indians could be part of modelling team :)

IITians rocks and gives Rupee its symbol !!

D. Udaya Kumar, a Postgraduate student from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) has proposed a symbol for Indian Rupee and it is among the 5 shortlisted symbols which have gone for approval to the ministry. The symbol is an amalgam of the Devanagari 'Ra' and the Roman capital 'R' without the stem, it is very much appreciated by Finance minister of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

The Indian ministry organized a design competition for the cash prize of Rs.2.5 lakh, that is Rs. 250 Thousand. The symbol should be applicable to the standard keyboard, be in the national language script or a visual representation and should represent the historical and cultural ethos of the country.

The aim of the design is to provide Indian rupee international recognition and it will distinguish Indian rupee from Nepal's, Pakistan's and Sri Lankan Rupee. The symbol has been approved by Indian Ministry. Now Indian Rupee will join the elite group of  dollar, euro, pound and yen.

The symbol selected looks something like I've shared in below image,

Have fun.. And happy surfing !

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain wins the FIFA World cup 2010 & Paul,the octopus gets it right again !

The 19th edition of the FIFA world cup is concluded, and Spain wins it !!
The final, 64th match of the tournament was played between Spain (presently at World No.2 in FIFA rankings) & Netherlands (presently at World No.4 in FIFA rankings), that is you can say Holland or Dutch and Spain won the match with a score line of 1-0. Both teams played more cautiously in the 1st half  and then Spain started attacking from the word go in the 2nd half and at the end of 2nd half the score-line was 0-0. The result of the match was decided in extra time.

I must say Netherlands were bit more defensive and I observed that at an average of 15 minutes they were passing the ball to there goalkeeper, that is atleast for 6 times they passed the ball to there goalkeeper, and I think it is very cautious and defensive approach from them.

This is the first time the team losing its opening match, Spain lost to Switzerland in there opening encounter, and then winning the world cup. And at last but not the least, Paul, the octopus predicted the result accurately and that takes his tally to 8 out 8, that is his prediction are 100% correct until now. Paul predicted result of 8 matches (including semifinal and final) and they all went in the same way. Though Mani parrot lost the battle against Paul octopus, it has nothing to loose, as it has already gained popularity in Singapore ! :)

The snapshot showing Spain team with the world cup,


  • Spain's goalkeeper,  Iker Casillas wins the Adidas golden glove award.
  • Germany's Midfielder, Thomas Mueller wins Golden boot/shoe & best young player award.
  • Uruguay's Diego Forlan wind Golden ball award.
  • Spain's Midfielder, Andres Iniesta wins Man of the Match (MoM) award in the finals.
  • Spain, as team won FIFA fair play award.
  • The highest number of goals scored by any player in this world cup is 5, and there are 4 player who achieved this, they are Thomas Muller of Germany scoring at an average of 0.8 goals in each game, David Villa of Spain, Diego Forlan of Uruguay & Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands scoring at an average of 0.7 goals in each game
    The final tournament rankings are, as follows (in that order),
    1. Spain
    2. Netherlands
    3. Germany
    4. Uruguay

    Stay tuned for next edition of the world cup which will be held in Brazil in the year 2014 .
    have fun.. :)