Monday, February 13, 2012

Why should I run ?

Hello friends,
Whenever somebody ask you to start running, most of you reply with arrogance and ask, "I'm fit, WHY SHOULD I RUN ?". Right ?
I'll try to convince/answer the (above) question which you might have asked to your friend/relative by this article. So, I'm back with another article to keep you healthy and spread awareness about health issues which could be resolved when you run ! I read this article somewhere on net and I thought this should be shared with my viewers :D. 
I'll be sharing top 20 reasons for running daily or making it a habit. You can guess few of them by applying common sense, but to make this article complete let me list them all ;).
sexy running lose weight and maintain body

So, here I start with TOP 20 reasons for start running,
  1. Easiest exercise to learn and Incorporate in daily life !
  2. When you run fast you get fitter & stronger !
  3. Quickest & cheapest way to cardiovascular fitness ! You need only a short, T-shirt and a pair of shoe to get started, that is almost no infrastructure ;)
  4. When you run and relax you feel good mentally & physically.
  5. Can help you in reducing stress level and the possibility of going to depression is minimized.
  6. Great flexibility and can be practiced any where on earth.
  7. Great accessibility. That is there are no barriers and no side effects.
  8. Free of Cost ! That is there is no monthly subscription to start and stop running.
  9. Good for heart, that is it strengthen your heart.
  10. Running is for ALL !
  11. Running helps you in losing weight and have in shape body.
  12. Running help you in your sex life as well.
  13. Burns extra calorie, fat, etc.. and that means you can eat a chocolate and needn't worry much about gain in weight.
  14. Running helps you in coming back to normal state, that is coming back from hangover to normal state in less time!
  15. Running is one of the ways to avoid annoying people and hence can be used as safety aid. ;)
  16. Running can help you in winning few races like marathon !
  17. Gives you time to gossip while running in a park with friends.
  18. Running improves your concentration, as you need to concentrate while running to avoid collision with others in park/ground/road.
  19. Running is a great way to meet new people.
  20. Increases your stamina, and hence can do work more efficiently for longer duration.
And now the next question will be,
When should I start running ?
It is never too late ! You can start running from today and stay healthy.

Running as an exercise is preferred early in the morning by many, though I would say if you can't get up early in the morning then atleast start running in evening at some nearby park/ground. Running will not only keep in great shape but also keep you away from doctors :). 

Hope you liked the article and will continue reading my blog in future as well. And we will try our level best to share the important tip & tricks and keep you aware of the facts around the globe related to anything and Everything Under the Sun !!. We will come back with another article to keep you aware, till then good bye from us & Keep surfing :D.