Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giant planet discovered outside our galaxy !

Recently astronomers discovered something which can be a great break through in the field of astronomy. They discovered a planet, and named it as HIP 13044b (that is, combination of hydrogen and helium gases, also known as Helmi stream group of stars). It is a gas planet and biggest planet ever discovered by humans !
Also, it is the first planet discovered outside out galaxy, which is around 400 times heavier than earth, that is its mass will be around 400*earth mass =  2.38968 × 10^25 kilograms !! It is around 2000 light years (that is around 1.89210568 × 10^16 Kilometers) away from Earth.

I've summarized the properties of the planet below, you can see them as they are listed :)
Planet name : HIP 13044b
Weight : 25% heavier than Jupiter !
Mass : 400 earth mass =  2.38968 × 10^25 kilograms !
Future : Orbiting around a star, which will be dead soon (as it is in red giant phase) and can consume the planets in its solar system !

Another interesting fact is that till now we (I mean astronomers and scientist) discovered 500 planets in our universe ! and who knows there can another 500 revolving or stationary planets exist in our mysterious universe. Also, there is a possibility that the new planets discovered might be larger than this planet !!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

India's kindle, A book ereader !!

India's Bangalore based company has developed a new ereader, and it is known to be first Indian ereader. It was named to be The Wink eReader, it will be a delight for all the book lovers !!
Now, you will ask me what is so special about it ? The answer is that it supports 15 languages and none of the present ereaders supports these many languages!!

Wink EreaderWink Logo

Wink ereader

Wink logo

Below you can the features, physical properties of the ereader, the cost and something more about the developers of The Wink eReader, in brief.

Name: The Wink eReader
Developer: EC Media International, a Bangalore based Company.
Technology Used: e-ink for displaying content
Supported Text Formats: TXT, RTF, PDF, DOC, HTML, WOLF, CHM, FB2, DJVU and ePUB
Supported Multimedia Formats: MP3, WAV and AAC

Physical Properties and Cost:
  • Dimensions: 18.52 cm(length) x 12.46 cm(width) x 1.09 cm(height)
  • Weigh: Around 260 gram (including battery)
  • Processor frequency: 400 MHz
  • Screen resolution: 800x600
  • Screen size: 6 inch
  • Price: Rs 11,490, that is around US $ 254
  • Supports 15 different languages !!
  • First Indian ereader which will compete against Amazon kindle.
  • You can preview the content and Text to Speech Support(TTS).
  • Catalogue present in the gadgets, so easy accessible and content can be previewed easily.
  • Also supports upports Music, games and multimedia mails.
  • Strain-free readability even in bright sunlight, that is it has 16-shade grayscale screen that enhances text viewing as it avoids glare or backlight.
  • Great battery life and power backup, around 10 hours of music on a single charge.
  • Expandable extenal memory upto 16 GB, with internal memory 2GB.
  • Wi-fi connectivity.
  • Eco friendly, by Eco friendly I mean that all ereaders are eco-friendly as they save trees !!
Where does it lacks ?
  1. No touch screen wink ereaderas of now in market (but they are developing touch screen model, as well).
  2. Price is a bit too high (when compare to amazon kindle 3, which is around US$139).

Where can I get books from ?
It has various titles and covers various field of life ans technology.

Wink ereader comes in two models, as of now, they are
  1. Wink XTS (No 3G support, No touch screen)
  2. Wink 3G (3G support, No touch screen)
And the are planning to release two more models, and they would be,
  • Wink XLite (Lesser price, it will be around Rs. 7,990, though you can buy the limited edition in Rs.6,999 only)
  • Wink 3G+ (Touch screen feature is embedded)

About the company future development:
EC Media is planning to develop WinkWire, that will have wide range of news. It will be similar to e-newspaper, which will allow users to customize the news article according to there comfort.
Also, EC Media has e-store which has over 100,000 book titles, magazines, journals and selected articles.

So, how many of you are planning to buy the India's first ereader, Wink ?
I think you should give it a try and experience the thrill of reading books in various languages !!

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