Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Funny T-Shirt Quotes - Part 3 !

I'm back with another fun article which will definitely make you laugh, and for serious dude, I'm sure this article will bring smile on there face. This article also shows the creativity of the T-shirt designers. This article is not for any special group, it is for all the humans who are feeling bored or want to have some fun. ;)

Remember part-2 of smart and hilarious funny quotes, which I posted almost a 10 months back @ Funny T-Shirt Quotes - Part 2 ? I'm back with similar but newer rib-tickling (funny) & sexy T-shirt quotes which reflect the life of girls and boys or atleast the way they think in some or the other way. Some T-shirt quotes are sarcasm on real world. :D
Everything under the Sun pic: Enjoy coke rewritten into Enjoy cock (wicked t-shirt quote)

Everything under the Sun image: Showing hot girl wearing a t-shirt quote saying she like farting on date means she is sexy and wicked

Everything under the Sun pic: A funny t-shirt quote showing attitude and trick to avoid worthless people
Don't you think above funny t-shirt quotes are naughty & witty ? :p If your answer was yes, then scroll down for more Funny T-shirt quotes which are having more wicked sense of humor ;).
Everything under the Sun pic: Another hilarious and wicked t-shirt quote on attitude of men, women and engineers

Everything under the Sun pic: Showing lol t-shirt quote about commitment and determination to become asshole. A t-shirt which can be gifted to your friend as part of fun and good humor

Everything under the Sun blog image showing reason for big ego in human/men using funny signal on t-shirt with quote

Everything under the Sun blog image showing a whore wants to get fucked and is using t-shirt quote for it
Liked the wicked quotes on T-shirt ? Had laugh ? Wondering how can T-shirt designers be so creative and wicked ? Then you should scroll down to see more humorous t-shirt quotes ;). Now I'll share some funny quotes which shows attitude of people in world !
Everything under the Sun blog image about t-shirt quote saying you are stupid, useful when you are in college and don't like speaking to assholes

Everything under the Sun blog image where a hot chick wants democrats to fuck and for that sexy babe is using stylish t-shirt quote

Everything under the Sun blog image for people with attitude and patience
What do you think of above Rofl T-shirt quotes ? Hope this article made you smile and inspired you to buy a T-shirt with funny quotes like the quotes I shared here. So, when you for shopping make sure you buy a T-shirt with one of the funny quotes mentioned above to show your style statement :D.
We will be sharing more stuffs like this to make you laugh and entertained in future as well. We try to keep you entertained through our blog and make you aware of facts, technology and what ever comes under the sun. All this things come under one umbrella only at Everything Under the Sun. :)