Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Ode to Roger!

The name Roger Federer needs no introduction to any sports enthusiast (or even any literate human being). He has conquered every challenge thrown against him and redefined the term 'champion’. The indomitable ease with which he demolished his opponents, the impeccable forehand, the humongous serve and his consistency enthralled the audience world over.
Grass, Hard Court, Clay! Fed has left no stone unturned in his ascendance to the summit of Tennis. Comparisons between him and Sampras were inevitable. But, where Sampras failed, Federer succeeded. The coveted French Open, which remained elusive to Sampras, was conquered by Federer and put an end to a jinx. Wimbledon and US Open could be considered Federer's backyard. I, a self-professed Sampras-Nadal fan, found it hard to come to terms with Fed's success.
Hatred and Disgust ensued. But, greatness transcends the barrier of petty fanboy-ism and irrationality. The genuine tennis lover in me realized(was made to realize) and accept the fact that Federer was here to rule! I can and never will be a Fed fan.But, One can only be a fool not to admire and relish Federer's game play. Undoubtedly, the greatest ever player to have graced the tennis court. Roger, take a bow!

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