Saturday, June 26, 2010

FIFA world cup 2010--Round 2

Till yesterday all the teams played at-least 3 matches each, that is 25th June,2010 was the last day of round 1 and from today round matches are played in South Africa. 16 teams qualified for round 2 (knock out round) and after this round quarter final round will be there, in which you can see 8 teams will be playing.
Also, till now 48 football matches are completed, that is in round 1 total number of matches played is 48.

The 16 teams which cleared 1st round are as follows,

  1. Uruguay Uruguay
  2. USA USA
  3. Germany Germany
  4. Argentina Argentina
  5. Netherlands Netherlands
  6. Brazil Brazil
  7. Paraguay Paraguay
  8. Spain Spain
  9. Korea Republic, that is South Korea Korea Republic
  10. Ghana Ghana
  11. England England
  12. Mexico Mexico
  13. Slovakia Slovakia
  14. Chile Chile
  15. Japan Japan
  16. Portugal Portugal

The fixtures are as follows (the number is with respect to the numbers which I gave above),
1 v/s 9,   that is Uruguay v/s Korea Republic on 26th June,2010

2 v/s 10, that is USA v/s Ghana on 26th June,2010

3 v/s 11, that is Germany v/s England on 27th June,2010

4 v/s 12, that is Argentina v/s Mexico on 27th June,2010

5 v/s 13, that is Netherlands v/s Slovakia on 28th June,2010

6 v/s 14, that is Brazil v/s Chile on 28th June,2010

7 v/s 15, that is Paraguay v/s Japan on 29th June,2010

8 v/s 16, that is Spain v/s Portugal on 29th June,2010

Now, what happened for the first time in this world cup ?
This is the first time when both the finalist of previous world cup are knocked out in the 1st round itself, that Italy and France failed to qualify for the 2nd round.

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