Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giant planet discovered outside our galaxy !

Recently astronomers discovered something which can be a great break through in the field of astronomy. They discovered a planet, and named it as HIP 13044b (that is, combination of hydrogen and helium gases, also known as Helmi stream group of stars). It is a gas planet and biggest planet ever discovered by humans !
Also, it is the first planet discovered outside out galaxy, which is around 400 times heavier than earth, that is its mass will be around 400*earth mass =  2.38968 × 10^25 kilograms !! It is around 2000 light years (that is around 1.89210568 × 10^16 Kilometers) away from Earth.

I've summarized the properties of the planet below, you can see them as they are listed :)
Planet name : HIP 13044b
Weight : 25% heavier than Jupiter !
Mass : 400 earth mass =  2.38968 × 10^25 kilograms !
Future : Orbiting around a star, which will be dead soon (as it is in red giant phase) and can consume the planets in its solar system !

Another interesting fact is that till now we (I mean astronomers and scientist) discovered 500 planets in our universe ! and who knows there can another 500 revolving or stationary planets exist in our mysterious universe. Also, there is a possibility that the new planets discovered might be larger than this planet !!

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  1. wow giant plant must be a lot of creature.

  2. I guess you were telling planet not plant :)
    Anyways, this planet doesn't have any creature as of now or more appropriately I can say that we haven't discovered any in this Giant planet.