Wednesday, October 5, 2011

World's Cheapest Tablet, Aakash launched !

Do you remember that we gave a hint about World's cheapest Tablet PC in our article, Is iPhaad, India's answer to the iPad, for real? , earlier ?
No? Then check the link :)

Finally, it has become a reality. India has finally launched the cheapest tablet computer, which cost only around $60, that is INR 2999 ! Though it is higher than $35, which was promised before it's production, still cheaper than any other tablet pc in the world.

More information about Aakash, World's cheapest tablet, in concise format:
Created By: Datawind
Launch Name: Aakash
Launch Date: 5th October, 2011 (today)
Price: $60, around Rs. 2999
Weight: 350 gm
Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Touch screen size: 7 inch
RAM: 256 MB
Internal Memory: 2GB
Battery Life: Upto 3 hrs.
Commercially available from: November, 2011

Does it have ?
Wifi Connectivity: Yes
Stereo earphones and microphone: Yes
Multimedia: Yes
MicroSD card slot: Yes
USB port: Yes, 2 in number
Replacement warranty: Yes, for 1 year.
Other andoid applications be download and installed: Yes

The price will gradually reduce to $35 from $60 and then ultimately will come down to $20 or $10. Atleast that is what Kapil sibal has promised or expecting it.

What are/ were the other cheap tablet pc ?
HP TouchPad @ $99, launched by HP
Pepper @ $99, launched by Devraj group
Wespro ePad @ $149, launched by Wespro Digital
Kindle Fire @ $199, launched by Amazon

We will come back with more information on Aakash as we get to know about this new cheapest tablet pc in the world. Till then take care and keep surfing Everything Under the Sun !


  1. That's superb but i don't need before two month i had purchased new desktop with LED screen and that is excellent.

  2. The cheap Computer in India is Aakash Tablet PC has been launched to provide the cheapest of its kind at a price of Rs. 2500. The bookings are open online and the Tablet will be delivered with in a week's time.

  3. Yes, inidianist you are right :)
    Also, there is another version, an upgraded version of aakash known as ubinet.
    Soon I'll be sharing an article comparing them as well. So, keep surfing.. :D

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