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Cricket World cup 2011, Biggest Tournament of Cricket World, Facts !!

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I'm back with some interesting facts which can improve your knowledge about cricket and history of cricket world cup ! I'll be sharing 10 facts which are really interesting and mind boggling. I chose them randomly, which I would call it as top 10 world cup facts.
I'm gonna share more facts in my next article about cricket world cup facts-2 :D
As the cricket world cup 2011 is nearing, I'm focusing more on cricket world cup and trying to share the stories, facts, etc. about Cricket World cups. Cricket World cup tournament was started in the year 1975 and it was won by West Indies comfortably. In those times ODI matches used to be 60 overs each side instead of 50 overs each side (which is played presently, by name ODI).

No. of Countries who have won this Title: 5 !
And they are (in alphabetical order of country name),
Australia (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007) ->4 times
India (1983) ->1 time
Pakistan (1992) ->1 time
Sri Lanka (1996) ->1 time
West Indies (1975,1979) ->2 times

Only Australia has won 3 or more than 3 world cup title and they are the only team which has won world cup 3 times in a row !

Australia is the only team to win more than 50 World cup matches !
They have played 69 matches in World cup tournament and won 51 matches, one tied and 17 lost. That means winning percentage is 73.9, almost 74% !

Cricket World Cup Australia Champion

Highest Score reached by a team in a World cup match is 413 and this was achieved by India against minnows Bermuda in the year 2007. They broke the previous record held by Sri Lankans, that is 398 against another minnows Kenya in the year 1996.

Lowest total scored by any team in World cup matches is 36 all out, by Canada against Sri Lanka in the year 2007.

The highest margin by which any team has won against opposition in terms of runs is India. Indian thrashed Bermuda in the world cup 2007 by 257 runs. It is the largest victory margin with respect to runs.

In terms of wickets, there are 7 instances when a team won against there opposition by 10 wickets, and that is the maximum margin they can win in terms of wicket !

Sachin Tendulkar of India holds the record for most 50+ scores in World cup matches. He has scored 50+ runs 17 times, which includes 4 century and 13 half centuries.
Next in the list is Herschelle Gibbs (2 centuries, 8 half-centuries) of South Africa and Ricky Ponting (4 centuries, 6 half-centuries) of Australia having scored 10 times 50+ score.

Note: Century means 100 or more than 100 runs scored, and half century means 50 or more than 50 runs scored.

Sachin Tendulkar of India holds the record for scoring highest amount of runs in World cup matches, that is he scored 1796 runs from only 36 games. And then in the list comes, Ricky Ponting of Australia, Brian Lara of West Indies, Sanath Jayasuriya os Sri Lanka, Adam Gilchrist of Australia, Javed Miandad of Pakistan, Stephen Fleming of New Zealand, Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa, Aravinda de Silva of Sri Lanka, Viv Richards of West Indies, Sourav Ganguly of India and Mark Waugh of Australia. Each have scored 1000+ runs in World cup tournament the amount of runs scored decreases in the order I gave.

Sachin Tendulkar World Cup

Glenn McGrath and Ricky Ponting holds the record for appearing in highest number of matches in World cup Tournaments, each has played 39 games in World Cup till now. And others who are in the range of 35+ games in world cup are Sanath Jayasuriya played 38 matches, Wasim Akram played 38 matches and Sachin Tendulkar played 36 matches in world cup.

Ricky Ponting Glenn McGrath World cup

Hope you liked the way I presented these facts. I'll be sharing the facts version 2 in short time, till then keep surfing and have fun.. :)

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