Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Japan earthquake statistics

Recently a natural disaster, which include earthquake and Tsunami, hit Japan, it was one of most disastrous natural calamity in the whole world in recent times. And then due to unknown reasons there was nuclear radiations leak. And by this it means Japan came under 3 most devastating events simultaneously. To make people aware about the stats, I'll be sharing the statistics caused due to natural disaster in this article, note that all the figures are approximated.
  • Death Troll:  More than 10,000
  • Number of people evacuated: More than 440,000
  • Number of People lived without electricity and water: More than 850,000
  • Number of buildings damaged:  More than 87,894
  • Economy Loss: Around 5-10 trillion yen
  • Number of foreign countries offered AID: 114
The statistics are really heart breaking, isn't it ?
I guess this is an indication by nature to humans, that nature will not tolerate humans if they continue to destroy nature. I would say it is a wake up call for all the humans around the world to save environment and protect nature!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!
    The statistics are really heart breaking...