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India v/s England test series & 2000th test match !

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I'm back with an article on cricket ! The game loved by billions and it is like a religion in India and the GOD is Sachin Tendulkar. India and England will be playing 4 test matches (5 day match, played with red color ball and dress code  for cricketers is white). The first test started from 21st July, 2011, which is the 100th test match between India and england and 2000th test match in the history of test matches in cricket, which tell you how old the test matches are !
India v/s England 2011

What is test match in Cricket ? (in brief)
A match which goes till a team wins or for 5 days, 90 overs each day. Each team has to play two innings in these 5 days. It is traditionally played with red ball, instead of white color ball which is preferred in ODI and dress code for cricketers is white. Playing a Test match is a great honor for any player, as while playing it and to be successful you need patience, great concentration, dedication & determination to stay on pitch while you are batting. And for bowlers it is a test of there capability to take wickets. For a team to win the match it has to take 20 wickets of the opponent and should have aggregate runs scored in two innings more than its opponent. If a team couldn't capture 20 wickets of opponent then it can't win any test match !

A brief history of test Cricket:
1877: The year when test matches started
1920-21: First white-washed five test match series. Australia thrashed England in 5 test series by 5-0
1928: Australia's Sir Don Bradman (average run scored by him in test matches = 99.94) made his debut in Test cricket
1930: Sir Don Bradman scored 974 runs in 5 test match series, a world record
1938: Len Hutton from England scored 364 runs in one inning, a record at that time, against Australia
1948: Sir Don bradman retires from test cricket. He needed only 4 runs in the last test to have a average of 100 but he was out on golden duck, that is he scored zero !
Sir Don Bradman
1956: Jim Laker from England takes 10 wicket haul in an inning against Australia. The only other bowler to achieve this feat is Anil Kumble from India.
1958: Gary Sobers from West indies breaks Len Hutton's record for highest runs in an inning by scoring 365 against Pakistan.
1960: World saw first tied test match, that is both the teams were able to capture 20 wickets and there aggregate score was equal. Teams involved in this test were Australia and West Indies
1964: Fred trueman became first man on earth to capture 300 wickets.
1986: World witness 2nd and the last tied test match until now. The teams involved in the test match were India and Australia.
1990: New Zealand's Richard Hadlee becomes the first bowler on earth to take 400 Test wickets, that is he dismissed atleast 400 batsmen till then.
1992: South Africa returns to test arena
1994: West Indies batsmen Brian Lara, icon for cricket lovers in West Indies, Breaks the highest runs scored in an Inning by scoring 375 against England at Antigua
1997: The highest runs aggregated by a team in an inning were scored by Sri Lanka, that is they scored 954 for 6 against India, still a world record !
2001: West Indies Courtney Walsh reached the magical figure of 500 test wickets, that is he took 500 test wickets, the first man on earth to achieve that feat.
2002: Sachin Tendulkar scores 30th Century to surpasses Sir Don Bradman in test cricket.
2003: Australia's Matthew Hayden breaks Brian lara record for highest runs scored by an individual in a test match by scoring 380 against minnows, Zimbabwe.
2004: Brian Lara scores first quadruple century, that is he scored 400 (not out), to regain his world record for highest number of runs scored by an individual in an inning.
2006:  First team to loses a test match by forfeiting it. And the the team which has this honor is Pakistan.
2010: Sri Lanka's all time greatest off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan takes 800th test wicket, a world record, which is unlikely to be broken by any cricketers in near future.
2010: Sachin tendulkar (Master blaster or the god of Cricket or Little Master) from India scored 50th test Ton, that is 50th test century and became the first man in the world to achieve this feat ! And till now nobody has reached even 40 test centuries other than him !

Why is cricket lovers eagerly waiting India v/s England test series ?

  1. Sachin Tendulkar can re-write history if he scores a century in this series, then he will be the only man on earth to score 100 international centuries, that he will complete 100 times scoring 100 or more than 100 runs in International cricket. At present he has 51 test hundreds, century, and 48 ODI hundreds, that is total of 99 international centuries !
  2. The 100th test Between India and England was stared, and world witnessed 2000th test match !
  3. And the other thing the cricket world is waiting for is to see that can India retain or show the world why it is No.1 in test ranking.

The test matches are at the brink of losing its shine/status because of more entertaining formats of cricket, that is T20 and ODI. And everyone hopes that the test series like this one will make sure that test cricket doesn't become extinct or a history !

The schedule for India v/s England test Series is as follows,

  • 1st Test: From 21st July, 2011 to 25th July, 2011 at Lord's, London, England
  • 2nd test: From 29th July, 2011 to 2nd August, 2011 at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, England
  • 3rd Test: From 10th August, 2011 to 14th August, 2011 at Edgbaston, Birmingham, England
  • 4th Test: From 18th August, 2011 to 22th August, 2011 at Kennington Oval, London, England

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  1. There are only 10 nations who play test cricket internationally. But when you see all forms of cricket then the number of countries playing cricket are around 154 :)