Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 10 Highest paid female athletes

 Recently forbes released the list of top 10 female athletes who earn more than any other counterpart. The top 10 athletes were decided on basis of prize money they win when they a tournament, appearances fees, endorsements and exhibition. Ranking was given on the basis of the athletes earning, as we are sharing about highest paid female athletes, and the top 10 female athletes are as shown in the table below,

rankNameRelated to which SportApproximate IncomecountryAge
1Maria SharapovaTennis$24.5 millionRussia23
2Serena WilliamsTennis$20.2 millionAmerica28
3Venus WilliamsTennis$15.4 millionAmerica30
4Danica PatrickRacing$12 millionAmerica28
5Kim Yu-NaFigure skating$9.7 millionSouth Korean19
6Annika SorenstamGolf$8 millionSweden39
7Ana IvanovicTennis$7.2 millionSerbia22
8Jelena JankovicTennis$5.3 millionSerbia25
9Paula CreamerGolf$5.2 millionAmerica24
10Lorena OchoaGolf$5 millionMexico28

Did you observed something while going through above table ?
Yes, then it is well and good. If your answer was no then also it is not a problem, the highlights/summary of the above table are as follows,
  • Out of top 10 earning players, 4 players belong to America !
  • Out of top 10 earning players, 5 players are related to Tennis and 3 are related to Golf !
  • Out of top 10 earning players, only Annika Sorenstam is above 30 years of age !
  • Out pf top 10 earning players, 4 players belong to the country whose first letter is 'S' !
  • Out of top 10 earning players, top 3 slots are occupied by tennis players !
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