Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top 10 mispronounced words by toddlers !

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Today I'm gonna share Top 10 mis-pronounced words by toddlers. By toddlers I mean the people who toddle, that is young kids who are in the age range of one - three, that is too young kids and that is the age range when children start learning speaking words. This article is specifically for all the parents who has kids in the age range of one - three, that is toddlers.
I'll be sharing top 10 mis-pronounced words by toddlers in tabular format and it means I cover top 3 words as well. First column indicates the correct word and Second column indicates how small kids generally pronounce them. The data is generated through a survey and can vary for small group of individuals.

RankCorrect WordWrongly pronounced/mis-pronounced word

  1. The word YELLOW (ranked No.1) is reported to be mis-pronounced by more than 70% of toddlers (infant kid) parents.
  2. And the word SPAGHETTI is wrongly pronounced by around 17.1% of infant kids.
  3. More than 9% of preschooler or child or toddlers mis-pronounce the word RABBIT.
  4. Around 6% of parents reported that there kid wasn't able to speak the word BIRTHDAY correctly.
  5. And remaining words follow in decreasing percentages, as per the survey.
When our kid speak these we like it and think them to be cute, but don't you think it has to corrected as soon as possible ? Otherwise it will be embarrassing for the kid when he/she grows and mis-pronounce the words in school. And that can lead to frustration in the minds of young kids as they grow.
Though  don't hurry as they are still infant, start correcting them but with moderate pace. There are some useful ways (or tricks, tips) for correcting toddlers at moderate pace like hide something which he/she wants and then ask him/her, "what do you want ?" And try that the kid says the correct word and till he tells it correct keep correcting :). Another trick (or way) is to give choices to your kid while asking something, as infant kids try to repeat what we speak. And by that you are teaching them the correct way to speak those words or any other mis pronounced word.

Hope you liked this article and try to correct your toddlers words as soon as possible.
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