Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top 10 Cars in India 2012 !

Hello Everyone,
After long time I'm writing an article here, and this time I'm back with top 10 cars in India. This article can be considered as successor of my previous articles like Top 10 Indian luxury cars !! or Top 10 world's most popular Cars. Though in those article ranking were based on luxury or popularity, but this article will list the top 10 cars in India based on price, fuel efficiency, comfort, power and other features !

Before I start sharing Top 10 Cars in India, let me inform you that these ranking is not fixed and can change as time goes on and the ranking of specific car might vary if cars are ranked only on some or few factors, I'm ranking based on overall factors and people choice in India. So, the list if Top 10 Cars in India is as follows,
  1. Suzuki Swift
    Suzuki Swift+top+10+car+India
  2. Hyundai EON
    hyundai eon one of the top 10 cars in India
  3. Tata Vista
    Tata vista one of the top 10 cars in India
  4. Honda BRIO
    Honda brio one of the top 10 cars in India
  5. Chevrolet Beat
    chevrolet beat one of the top 10 cars in India
  6. Toyota Etios Liva
    toyota etios live one of the top 10 cars in India
  7. Nissan Sunny
    nissan sunny one of the top 10 cars in India
  8. Hyundai Fluidic Verna
    hyundai fluidic verna one of the top 10 cars in India
  9. Tata Aria
    tata aria one of the top 10 cars in India
  10. Mahindra XUV 500
    Mahindra XUV500 one of the top 10 cars in India
So, do you own any of those cars, which I mentioned in Top 10 cars of India list ?
If no and you want to buy a new car or replace old one then choose one among these, as they are the finest and the best cars in India for travelling and in comfort factor. As always, when I shared Top 10 list, it implicitly means I've shared top 3 as well :D. Also, you can see that in the list of top 10 cars in India almost all the renowned cars manufacturers like suzuki, nissan, tata, honda, Hyundai & Mahindra are listed, and they are one among the trusted brands not only India but also in World.

Hope every car lover liked this article and is now more aware of best cars in India. We will continue sharing our knowledge with all of you at Everything Under the Sun, so keep visiting our blog. Till then happy surfing and have fun.. :)


  1. A very nice blog....

    I must say i was confused between Swift and Vista.... But after TD and reading the reviews, I finalized the Vista. And today I am a proud owner of Tata Vista... Its a very good car...

  2. Yes, indeed it is one of the very good cars in India, and that is the reason it on 3rd spot in Top 10 cars of India :)


  3. Ya.. Tata Vista is truly a very nice car..... It deserves a place in the top 10 for sure....

  4. :)
    Recently, I've traveled in swift and I must say, I enjoyed every moment in that car ! So, I guess this list is correctly stating top 10 cars in India, isn't it ? :)

  5. I totally agreed that these cars are one of the best cars of Indian market.My favorite is Maruti Swift.

  6. The indian top 10 cars are great list. According to my opinion the Chevrolet Beat has occupy the second position and for EON third position is suitable. Obviously, Maruti Swift has always top ranking in all category. You have done a good job for these Most Popular Cars in India.