Friday, October 1, 2010

Do you want to be rich ? Then join these colleges...

Today I'm going to share the list of colleges which can make you rich !!
By making rich I mean when you join the colleges, which I would be listing in the tabular form, you will get good opportunities to earn after your graduation. You will be placed in good companies and companies pay you for your work !!
The list of colleges is as follows,

RankCollege nameAverage graduate salarylocation
1Williams College$120,684Williamstown, Massachusetts
2Dartmouth College$120,468Hanover, New Hampshire
3Stanford University$116,954Stanford, California
4Santa Clara University$110,351Santa Clara, California
5St. Mary's College of California$97,415Moraga, California
6University of Chicago$111,863Chicago
7Georgetown University$108,991Washington, District of Columbia
8United States Military Academy$105,985West Point, New York
9Occidental College$100,176Los Angeles, California
10Polytechnic Institute of NYU$101,069Brooklyn, New York

Now, you must be thinking of joining the above mentioned colleges, right ?
The basic requirement to join the institute is to get good SAT score !!

Also, you must have observed that 4 colleges are located in California, highest by any USA state.

So, Read, surf and simultaneously have fun :)

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