Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Solar System discovered !

I'm back with a new article, and this time I'll be sharing an article on astronomy and a new planetary system discovered few months ago by NASA, like I've in some of my previous articles (Earth's Duplicate or Giant Planet or Speed of Earth). The new solar system is named as kepler 11, and it was discovered in kepler mission which has already discovered kepler 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. This solar system is almost 2000 light years away from our earth, that is 1.89210568 × 10^16 kilometers or 1.17569996 × 10^16 miles away from center of the earth.
everything under the sun image showing kepler 11 solar system with 6 planets revolving around its star (also known as sun of kepler 11)
This solar system consists of 6 planets, and all of them are larger than Earth in size. The mass of the planets in kepler 11 solar system ranges from 2.3 to 13.5 times mass of earth. You can see following figure to compare the sizes of kepler 11 planetary system and our earth,
everything under the sun image where we are comparing sizes of kepler 11 planets size and mass with earth size and mass
Kepler 11 is the most compact and flattest solar system with more than 3 planets in orbit known to mankind. I said compact because the outermost planet revolves around its sun-like star in 118 days (approximately), that around 0.32 times of the time taken by earth to revolve round the sun. Following figure is a artistic comparison of sizes of kepler 11 solar system and our solar system,
kepler 11 solar system v/s our solar system, that is comparison of kepler 11 planetary system and our solar system
The planets are given name as kepler 11 b,c,d,e,f,g. The heaviest planet is kepler 11b (mass is 13.5 times that of earth) and lightest is kepler 11f (mass is 2.3 times that of earth) in this solar system. Hope you liked this article on astronomy. We will come back with more interesting articles on various topics which comes under the sun, so keep visiting Everything Under the Sun blog for more updates.

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