Sunday, September 26, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab(let) v/s Apple ipad

Now the war for the new technology is open !! Samsung revealed that they are going to develop a tablet computer, which will have similar feature of apple ipad and they will be only around half the ipad's price !!

Almost all the functions provided by apple ipad will be integrated in this samsung galaxy tablet, and there are rumors that samsung galaxy will have more sophisticated features and galaxy will be more advanced when compare apple's ipad. Apple's ipad cost is around ₤449, that is 449 pounds and Samsung representatives said that they are going release the product and sell it for around ₤200, that is almost half the price of apple's ipad !! And this is possible because of new technologies coming up every day.

How is Samsung Galaxy tablet better than Apple ipad ?
Also, Galaxy Tab(let) will connect to the internet for free via Wi-fi hot spots similar to ipad. Also, samsung galaxy uses Android operating system which is in the favor of galaxy tab, also it supports flash video and cameras front and back which you can't find in Apple's ipad.

Where does samsung galaxy tablet lose to Apple ipad ?
The battery life of apple's ipad is more and the screen size of the samsung galaxy will be around 7 inches, when compare to 10 inches screen of galaxy !! Though it doesn't matter much for many, as you are saving around ₤200 !!

The information about Samsung galaxy tablet for revealed by South Korean company at the IFA technology show in Berlin. Samsung is also going to release new service namely, media hub similar to Appl'es i-tunes. You can know more about Samsung's galaxy tab from there official website, that is from this website.I'm exited about Samsung's galaxy tablet (computer) release, and are you exited ?


  1. Android is really cool. I have an android phone and it seriously kicks butt. The only thing lacking in Android is some good Touch Screen Games.

  2. I hope Android will consider it and try to get good touch screen games :)

  3. woohoo go Google! I think I'd buy a Galaxy over the ipad mainly because Google is awesome and because it has a better name, lol.