Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top 10 gadgets which make college students life easier !!!

Recently forbes conducted a survey and then they could find out what are the top 10 gadgets which could make students life more comfortable and reduce there effort while increasing the efficiency, simultaneously. Though they aren't given any ranks as the requirement/branch of a students also matters.

The list of gadgets or devices which a student should have to increase his/her efficiency are as follows,
Device nameDescriptionThumbnail image
Sony's Dash Personal Internet ViewerOne of the device which allows you to access more than 1500 applications, news, sports, social networking and weather websites. It is around $200
Compaq PresarioIt is a laptop which has almost everything which a student requires, and its cost is around $398
E-PenCaptures your handwritten notes and stores in the memory chip, so that you can read it on computer when you upload documents on your computer
YoYoBrainA free website where you can share your notes and view others notes and learn.
CourseSmartAnother website where you can buy etextbook(soft copy) at lower cost. Almost you get 60% off on all books when compared to hard copy of the text book.
iPadThis device need no introduction/description. It has many features and it was No.1 choice in schools when it was released.Its price varies from $499 to $829
Sony DPP-F700 Digital Photo Frame-PrinterThe screen is 7 inch wide and you get/take instant photo anywhere. It is useful when you want to read only two or three pages of the textbook and then don't need the textbook in future. Its cost is around $200.
JanSport Air Cure Laptop BackpackYou have an laptop, iPad, and many other devices where do you keep it? The answer is this backpack, which reduces 50% pressure on your shoulder and upper back when compared to others. Its cost is around $50.
kindleProduct of Amazon. It is an ereader device which can open .mobi formats. The newest kindle is 15% lighter and 21% smaller. Its price varies from $139 to $189.
Voltaic Laptop BagThis is an option given to students. It has solar panels through that you can charge your laptop, iPad, etc.. Its cost is around $170.

How many of you have 5+ items mentioned above ?
If you have 5 or more than 5 then try to acquire atleast 9 of them :), as they will make your life more easier. And those who have lessthan 5 items mentioned above, try to acquire 5 and then aim for atleast 9 :D

And always, don't forget to have fun while trying to improve efficiency !! :)

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