Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 25 Colleges of America !!

Are planning to go to top college in America, that is USA, to study further ?
Then this article can help you in finding the right college for you. The survey was conducted by forbes in the month of august in the year 2010 and they released the list of colleges based on the students experience, infrastructure, faculty and many other factors and ultimately arranging them rankwise.
The list of college with small information about them is as follows,

RankCollege nameWhich state?In-State tuition fee(in US dollar)Average debt of graduate(in US dollar)
1Williams CollegeMassachusetts(MA)37,6402,151
2Princeton UniversityNew Jersey(NJ)34,2903,228
3Amherst CollegeMassachusetts(MA)37,6403,632
4United States Military AcademyNew Jersey(NJ)0DN/NA
5Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts(MA)36,3904,092
6Stanford UniversityCalifornia(CA)36,7985,261
7Swarthmore CollegePennsylvania(PA)36,4902,215
8Harvard UniversityMassachusetts(MA)36,17336,173
9Claremont McKenna CollegeCalifornia(CA)37,0604,189
10Yale UniversityConnecticut(CT)35,3005,537
11United States Air Force AcademyColorado(CO)0DN/NA
12Wellesley CollegeMassachusetts(MA)36,6402,666
13Columbia UniversityNew York(NY)39,3264,741
14Haverford CollegePennsylvania(PA)37,5254,348
15Wesleyan UniversityConnecticut(CT)38,6344,122
16Whitman CollegeWashington(WA)35,1925,239
17Pomona CollegeCalifornia(CA)35,6252,400
18Northwestern UniversityIllinois(IL)37,125 5,169
19California Institute of TechnologyCalifornia(CA)34,4373,519
20University of ChicagoIllinois(IL)38,4926,866
21Carleton CollegeMinnesota(MN)38,0464,928
22Harvey Mudd CollegeCalifornia(CA)36,4024,541
23Vassar CollegeNew York(NY)40,2103,305
24Centre CollegeKentucky(KY)29,6003,980
25Rice UniversityTexas(TX)30,4864,428

Note: Tuition fee can vary in future. And DN/NA means don't know/not available.

The interesting thing which you might have not noted while going to the table, is that in top 3 colleges, 2 colleges are in MA and in top 5 colleges, 3 colleges are located in MA and 2 in NJ. Also, you can see that there are many other colleges in MA which are in top 10 and top 15 in the above table.

So, How many of you are already in the above mentioned colleges ?
If you are in the above mentioned colleges then you needn't worry about your future, as you are going to among the best in the business !!
And those of you are not in these colleges can work smarter and come to these college students level :D

Now for the freshers who want to join a college for graduation, chose among above mentioned colleges (if possible), so that you pass-out from one of the top colleges of USA  !

And at last, don't forget to have fun while you learn. :)

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