Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Largest animals in the world !!

Do you ever wondered which is the largest animal in the world ?
Now, you would say me that largets varies from category and way they live, and that the reason I classified some animals on the baiscs of there speciality !!
Here is the list of top 10 (whish internally means top 3 as well) animals and why they are largest in there living conditions, domain, weightwise, heightwise, volume, etc.. in this world.
  1. Largest & Heaviest Animal(Here we are considering land and water): Blue Whale
  2. Heaviest Insect: Goliath beetle
  3. Largest Land Animal(herbivore animal): African Bush Elephant
  4. Largest Land Animal(carnivore animal): Polar Bear
  5. Largest Reptile: Crocodile
  6. Largest Bird: Ostrich
  7. Largest Amphibian: Chinese giant salamande
  8. Largest cartilaginous Fish: Whale Shark
  9. Largest invertebrate: Colossal Squid
  10. Tallest land Animal: Giraffe
Note: The list mentioned above considers only the animals (including birds, insects, etc..) which are presently living on Earth. The extinct species are not considered. :)

You must be wondering why did I used distinct colors above, right ?
Did you noticed the colors used ? Nope ?
Then let me tell you what does the color signify,  I've used colors in such a way that the animal lives in that environment or has similar color n there body  (except for polar bear, as they are white and if If I use white coilor then it will be invisible in this article ;)) !!

Hope you liked the article and the facts which I shared here. Though you could have found it on internet, but I listed them at one place !! :)

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