Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 10 deadliest animal on the Earth !

Are you afraid of animals ?
If your answer is yes, then you must read tis article carefully !! And if your answer is No, then you should read this article with much more interest, as this article will make you aware why some people are afraid of animals, how/which way they are harmful and about some facts.

I'm going to share the top 10 deadliest animal on the earth, I found this list and this amazing facts while surfing around, so be careful with these animal !! :D
The numbering indicates there rank, that is No.1 means it is the most deadliest animal and then the amount of deadliness decreases, here is the list,

  1. Humans : I needn't specify the reason !!
  2. Mosquito : Around 2 millions death are caused every year because of this tiny insect.
  3. Asian Cobra : It is also the most venomous snake.
  4. Australian Box Jellyfish : Also known as sea-wasp
  5. Great White Shark : Can smell blood from miles away.
  6. African Lion : Very quick on earth.
  7. Australian Crocodile : They can run @ 30-40 mph for small time to catch the prey.
  8. Elephant : Can crush anyone with its one feet.
  9. Polar Bear :Very cute & 8th deadliest
  10. Cape Buffalo : It has razor sharp horns & solid skull.
  11. Poison Dart Frog : Have neurotoxin in them to kill 10 humans at once.
  1. The list doesn't include extinct animals and doesn't consider the deaths caused by them.
  2. No. 0 indicates that humans are by default and aren't included in counting. :)
Some of the names are really surprising, like mosquito occupies the 1st place in deadliest animal list & Box jellyfish is on 3rd and White Shark on 4th (excluding Humans)!!
You would have rate Whilte Shark 1st, like other humans (including me), right ? But the deadliness is based on the number of deaths caused by that specific animal, as deadliness is derived from DEADliness and it is the fact of these animals !!

So, make sure there are no mosquitoes around (and for that keep your surrounding clean and green) and be healthy to have fune while you surf around.. :D

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