Monday, December 20, 2010

Cricket World cup 2011, Biggest Tournament of Cricket World !!

Let me start my article by asking a simple question, Do you like Cricket ?
Nope ? Did I asked something wrong ?
Okay, let me re-write it, Do you love Cricket ?
Now, probably your answer is YES !! And if your answer is still No, then probably this article can change your view, as the amount of excitement involved in this game is equivalent to anyother game!!

Let me give you an introduction to the Biggest tournament of Cricket, which is held every four years (same as Olympics, FIFA world cup, and many major tournaments) !!! Many teams participate in this tournament to win this tournament, it involves ODI matches (that is 50 overs per side, that is on an average a match will end in 7 hours). There are group matches, and then super 6/8 (depending on the teams participating), also known as quarter finals, then you have semifinal (having only 4 teams) and then you have final (2 teams, and one will be the winner !!). This was a brief introduction in general about Cricket world cup. Also, it is the 3rd largest and the biggest tournament, related to sports on the Earth !
Now, I share some highlights of the Cricket World cup 2011,
  • No. of teams participating: 14
  • No. of countries Hosting: 3 (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh)
  • No. of groups: 2 (7 in each group)
  • No. of teams advances to next round (quarter finals): 8 (Top 4 from each group)
  • First Match date (inauguration match): 19th February, 2011 (India v/s Bangladesh)
  • Last Match date (Final Match): 2nd April, 2011
  • Total No. of Venues: 13 (2 from Bangladesh, 3 from Sri Lanka, 8 from India).
  • No. of umpires selected for the whole tournament (excluding reserve umpires): 18
  • Mascot: Stumpy (shows young and energetic standing elephant)
    Stumpy:Cricket world cup 2011 mascot
  • Names of Knockout Rounds: Quater, Semi and Final (group stage matches are not knockout).
  • Total No. of matches: 49 (1 Final, 2 Semi-Finals, 4 Quarter finals, 42 group stage matches).
  • No. of matches each team will play in group stage: 6
See the below image, which shows the venue for the quarter final, semi-final and final matches with dates !
Pictorial view of Knock Out Rounds(Quarter,Semi and Final matches) cricket world cup 2011
Pictorial view of Knock Out Rounds
Now, I would be sharing how the teams are divided (alphabetically sorted),
Group A:
  • Australia Australia flag
  • Canada Canada flag
  • Kenya Kenya flag
  • New Zealand New Zealand flag
  • Pakistan Pakistan flag
  • Sri Lanka Sri Lanka flag
  • Zimbabwe Zimbabwe flag
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh flag
  • England England flag
  • India India flag
  • Ireland Ireland flag
  • Netherlands Netherlands flag
  • South Africa South Africa flag
  • West Indies West Indies flag
We will be sharing more information, as the tournament starting date approaches !
Till then Good bye from our side, and have fun.. Keep surfing !!


  1. Excellent information provided by you for cricket lovers. You may also get info about cricket matches

  2. Yup, as I said we will be sharing more as the tournament aproaches nearer, we will put the schedule and the matches information !!
    With team sqauds.. :)

  3. hmm which team will be the winner?

  4. We can't say which team will win this tournament, we have to wait and watch :)
    Anyways, I added the schedule. You can see the schedule from