Saturday, July 10, 2010

And the winner is...

As Spain and Netherlands are preparing for the final combat, we know the winners, that is even before the final of football world cup is started we know the winners, thanks to Paul octopus (also knwn as paul baba), predicting Spain as the winner and Mani parrot( known as tota, in Hindi), predicting Netherlands as the winner. They are two genius in predicting the winners of the match in football world cup 2010 and this time they differ in there prediction. So, it is now Paul v/s Mani.. Paul is eight legged aquatic animal, presently located in Germany and Mani is from Singapore.

Paul octopus whose record is 100% with respect to predictions about the winners of the football matches, that is octopus has till now predicted 6 out of 6 correct prediction, the latest correct prediction was Spain winning over Germany in Semifinals. Now the same Paul has predicted that Spain will win the finals and Germany will win the play-off match, that is Germany will be third, Netherlands (or Holland) will be second and Spain will be on top. See the video showing Paul predicting the winner.

On the other hand, Mani-the parrot has chosen Netherlands over Spain to win the Soccer world cup 2010. Mani has predicted correctly the winners of all the quarter final final till now. See the video below to know how did Mani choses Netherlands.

Now the match is not only between Netherlands and Spain, but also between Paul-the octopus and Mani-the parrot. Let's see whose prediction comes true and who looses the game !!

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