Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 10 Places to live in the world !

Now are you planning to go out on a holiday ? Then check out this article, it is perfect for anyone who is planning to go out for a holiday for minimum of 3-4 days. Also, if you planning to change your location permanently then settle in one of the cities which are on the list, as they are the best in the world :)

The list was released by forbes recently & the factors on which the list was released are, Quality of Life Index & Eco-City Index. The list is as follows in tabulated form,

S.No./rankcityQuality of Life Index Eco-City Index
1Vienna, Austria108133.5
2Zurich, Switzerland108 133.5
3Geneva, Switzerland107.9 131.5
4Auckland, New Zealand107.4 133.6
5Vancouver, Canada107.4 133.6
6Düsseldorf, Germany107.2 130.7
7Munich, Germany107 130.7
8Frankfurt, Germany107 123.1
9Bern, Switzerland106.5 133.6
10Sydney, Australia106.3 125

You could clearly see that most of the cities listed are from Europe continent and that to majority from Switzerland and Germany. Also, you can see there is a tie in between Auckland and Vancouver, I've placed them in the list in alphabetical order. Also, while giving the rankings Quality of Life Index has more priority over Eco-City Index.

How many of you are living in these cities & how many are planning to live in these cities now ? 
Check it out ! ;)

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