Sunday, July 4, 2010

FIFA world cup 2010 -- Semi finals

What happened in Quarter finals was really hearting and dramatic !!
Motivated and spirited Netherlands (or Holland or Dutch) defeated World No.1 team Brazil in 57th match of the tournament and the 1st match of the quarterfinals. And in the next quarter final match, on the same day, Uruguay defeated Ghana (the lone country from Africa continent to reach Quarterfinals) in the penalty shootout,  in the match Uruguay's Luis Suarez stopped the ball with the hand (could have been the winning goal for Ghana) in the dying moments of the match, known as Hand of GOD by Uruguay team supporters and Hand of DEVIL by Ghana team supporters, and that sealed the fate of Ghana to reach semifinals... And debate continues, should a FOOTball player, other than goalkeeper, be allowed to stop the ball in a FOOTball match in such tense moments or any other moment with hand?

You can see how Luis Suarez stopped the ball with hands in different views,

How does it look from backside of the net ?

How does it look from the back side at an angle more than 30 degrees ?

How does it look from the front of the net ? (The Ghana team players view)

Next day Germany thrashed Argentine by 4-0 and ensured that they go into semifinals comfortably and they will  meet World No.2,Spain (defeated Paraguay with a scoreline of 1-0 in quarterfinals, that is 60th match of the tournament) in the Semi-finals.

The four teams qualified for the semifinal's are,
  1. Uruguay Uruguay
  2. Germany Germany
  3. Netherlands Netherlands
  4. Spain Spain
The Semifinal matches will be held in two days, that is on 6th July and 7th July.  And then there will be match for the 3rd place on 10th July. In the match for 3rd place, the teams losing in the semifinal match will be facing each other !
The fixtures for the semifinals are as follows,

Uruguay  Uruguay  v/s Netherlands  Netherlands, on 6th July,2010 at Cape Town
Germany Germany v/s Spain Spain, on 7th July,2010 at Durban

And at last on 11th July, the judgement day, the world will come to know  who is the World Champions in the field of football !!

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