Thursday, July 1, 2010

FIFA world cup 2010 -- Quarter finals

Finally the Round-2 was complete with some controversies, and now there is another knock-out round that is Quarter finals, in which 8 teams qualified after winning there respective matches in round-2 of  FIFA world cup 2010, also known as football world cup. The teams which qualified for the Quarter final stage are,
  1. Netherlands Netherlands
  2. Uruguay Uruguay
  3. Argentina Argentina
  4. Paraguay Paraguay
  5. Brazil Brazil
  6. Ghana Ghana
  7. Germany Germany
  8. Spain Spain
The matches of this stage will be completed in the span of 2 days,that is on 2nd and 3rd July, with two matches every day. The fixtures are as follows,

Netherlands Netherlands  v/s Brazil     Brazil, on 2nd July,2010 -->57th match of tournament
Uruguay      Uruguay v/s Ghana     Ghanaon 2nd July,2010 -->58th match of tournament
Argentina    Argentina v/s Germany Germanyon 3rd July,2010 -->59th match of tournament
Paraguay    Paraguay v/s Spain       Spainon 3rd July,2010 -->60th match of tournament

After this round total of 60 matches will be complete and then there will semifinals, match for the 3rd place and then the Finals.

Lets see how the tournament progresses and who is going to be world champions this time !!

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