Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 10 expensive cities of the world !!

Forbes has disclosed another top 10 list, which comprises of most expensive cities in the world. The factors on which the list was released are Monthly cost to rent a luxury two-bedroom apartment, Cup of coffee, Two movie tickets and Fast-food hamburger price. Also, ranks of the cities have changed from last year, you could see there present rank (as indicated by S.No.) and the previous year rank from the below  :)

S.No./present rankcityrank in the year 2009
1Luanda, Angolanot ranked
2Toyko, Japan1
3Ndjamena, Chadnot ranked
4Moscow, Russia3
5Geneva, Switzerland4
6Osaka, Japan2
7Libreville, Gabonnot ranked
8Zurich, Switzerland6
9Hong Kong, Hong Kong5
10Copenhagen, Denmark7

If you are planning to go for holidays in any of the above mentioned cities then make sure you have enough money to have fun ;)

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