Sunday, July 25, 2010

Delete temporary files and folders

While I surf I see at many places people ask how do I delete the temporary files or cookies or the content which they have viewed from there computer permanently or you can say surfing history. I though it will be good if I share the same thing with my viewers, so that they don't have similar problem.

There are various ways by which you can delete temporary files/folders from your PC and save memory. I'll tell you the trick to remove the stuff which aren't necessary for top 3 browsers & one general way.

If you are using Internet Explorer then just menu bar and search for TOOLS then click on it. Then click on INTERNET OPTIONS then you see a windows with some tabs, click on GENERAL tab (by default that is the tab selected) and then click DELETE button under browsing history then it ask you which part/section to delete if you want to delete full browsing history then click DELETE ALL. Otherwise select accordingly.

If you are using Mozilla firefox then press Ctrl+Shift+Del then you see a window popping out, there you can see time range, that is the time interval for which you want to delete browsing history and you have options to select to delete.

If you are using Google Chrome then follow the procedure as I said for firefox :D

Now general method by which you can delete the browsing history of all the browser simultaneously. There is a application called CCleaner (a freeware), you can download it from there official website, free of cost, install the application (that is, .exe file) and launch the application, there just click on run CCleaner and it will take care of deleting browsing history & temporary files and folder. Also, CCleaner is helpful in repairing history and managing start-up programs and installed programs.
The official website from which you can download CCleaner is, CCleaner.

There is private browsing in chrome and firefox, when you use this feature cookies aren't stored.
So, now you can save more memory.. :)

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